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Symptoms of Caffeine Intolerance: What is the cause?

Let’s kick off today’s article on the back of last week’s article about switching out coffee for hot lemon. Healthy Food Reviews wanted to follow up this week by discussing the symptoms of caffeine intolerance. These symptoms could have been a result of too much caffeine. If you haven’t tried hot lemon to give you that morning boost, what are you waiting for? However, this article is if hot lemon came too late and you are already suffering symptoms of caffeine intolerance. Here’s how we would manage them at Healthy Food Reviews (Do not take this as medical advice, this is just what we did when we started to experience caffeine intolerance symptoms).

What causes symptoms of caffeine intolerance?

Simply put, if you have an intolerance to caffeine then you have likely drunk too much of it. This goes for any food intolerance. If you put too much of the same thing into your body, you start to feel ill. If you do feel like you need a break from coffee or a sugary energy drink, then you need to slowly remove it from your daily intake. Don’t worry though, we all do it. Some of us prefer to start with morning coffee. This comes in many shapes and sizes. Black coffee to give you a proper boost. Or a milky coffee with lots of sugar to get you going. At the end of the day though, they call to contribute to the same thing. As well as an energy boost, this morning boost can cause symptoms of caffeine intolerance.

If you are suffering from digestive issues then the most likely cause is food intolerance. But take time to assess. You may have a very balanced and healthy diet with only one constant, yep you guessed it, caffeine. Check out below why else caffeine may be giving you more than you bargained for. Before we do though, remember caffeine isn’t just in coffee. It also comes in the form of energy drinks and chocolate bars. A quick and easy way to identify if you have a food intolerance is through an intolerance test, but you can also follow your own elimination diet.

First, lets find out what caffeine actually is

Where does coffee come from? Caffeine is something often used to give people a morning boost. Most people would associate it with coffee in the morning but also can be found in your morning tea. Your boss might turn around to say to you: ‘don’t talk to me without my morning coffee.’ This is a common occurrence for many people. However, it is now a part of the everyday culture of people across the world.

Are they any benefits of caffeine or will it only cause symptoms of caffeine intolerances?

Yes, there are. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t an article saying you should never drink caffeine again. It is simply a way of measuring your caffeine intake and learning what you need to look out for. Spotting symptoms of intolerance is not easy but this explainer should give you a better insight into how to spot a food intolerance.

You can use it to stay alert. This does actually work. Caffeine does provide an energy boost and will help you with your concentration. Just make sure you utilise it properly in the morning and it does not leave you wide awake at night. This extra energy boost is intertwined with some of its other benefits. You want to exercise more because you are feeling awake and alert. This can help with weight loss as a result of fat burning. There is one piece of research which has shown that there are many fat-burning benefits of caffeine. The study in question suggests that individuals who have are already quite lean can burn 150 calories just from ingesting one single dose! Do not use coffee, tea or energy drinks as a method of weight loss though, please.

Negatives of caffeine intake

On the flip side, there are negatives of that morning coffee or tea. These aren’t just the symptoms of a caffeine intolerance though. It could be your first cup of tea in 6 months and these side effects may still occur. If you find resorting to a coffee on a Friday afternoon just to see yourself over the line, that is not necessarily the best idea.


It can leave you suffering from fatigue. Strange right? Considering caffeine is meant to give you a boost and is a good pick-me-up! Well, it can cause you issues like fatigue. This is a common intolerance symptom and can see you waste all the energy you have saved or exerted during the week.


Anxiety also comes from drinking too much caffeine. This is something Healthy Food Reviews can certainly testify to as well. That’s why we wrote out caffeine withdrawal blog last week. We recognised the symptoms of intolerance and knew we had to wean ourself off the coffee! Because coffee keeps you up at night, it can leave you overthinking everything.


Headaches are also another symptom but these may be a result of the caffeine. If you are not sleeping and feeling fatigued then this will result in a headache. So your headache may not be a direct result of a caffeine intolerance but is the result of other symptoms of caffeine intolerance.


Ultimately, here at Healthy Food Reviews, we are merely suggesting that you watch your caffeine intake in the same way you would watch a healthy diet. Check out our reviews on Beanies Flavoured Coffee to learn a bit more about the alternatives we’ve tried.

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