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Could caffeine be upsetting my stomach?

Too much caffeine could be causing you to experience various symptoms of intolerance. Bloating, constipation and diarrhoea are all painful symptoms. A lot of them tend to occur as a result of an intolerance. One of the most common intolerances is an intolerance to coffee. This can cause drastic discomfort in your bowels. You either experience a short stabbing pain which is extremely uncomfortable. In fact, one of the symptoms is a bloated stomach. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, Healthy Food Reviews have been on the wrong side of caffeine intolerance symptoms. So, the good thing is, even though the experience of a constantly bloated stomach was painful at the time, we are able to help explain how we dealt with these intolerance symptoms.

Can these symptoms be caused just by coffee?

Not necessarily. Your bloated stomach might be the result of you drinking too much coffee, but actually, it could be the result of caffeine intolerance. Think of what other foods you are consuming in your diet. If a lot of your meals or snacks contain caffeine then you have probably identified the issue. Depending on your symptoms and how painful they are is how serious you need to treat this potential food intolerance.

Have you ever heard of an elimination diet? This is when you change and evaluate your healthy diet. Removing something like coffee would not be easy, but could be necessary. If you are bored of feeling unwell, then you need to try a new healthy diet, free from a potentially harmful food. The good news is intolerance is not life-threatening. But my word it can cause you to feel uncomfortable. The hardest thing about this is learning what is causing it. Imagine just sitting there having to give up coffee because you can’t deal with constipation or a bloated stomach anymore. No. You need to work out exactly what is causing this issue. A bit of will power and understanding is exactly what you need in these circumstances. It’s better to find out what rather than just going through life with a bloated stomach.

What is caffeine though?

Most commonly associated with coffee, caffeine could actually be in so many of your foods. That one sip of Red Bull or another energy drink could actually be the reason you experience a bloated stomach. The most annoying thing about a food intolerance is that it could actually be something entirely different. But to understand if coffee is the cause of your intolerance symptoms, you do need to understand what caffeine actually is. Well, Healthy Food Reviews can tell you. It is a small molecule most commonly associated with coffee but is also prevalent in coffee and tea. Some people will look for a caffeine boost in the morning through coffee, tea, an energy drink, or even something like Coca Cola.

It is these types of drinks and items that are very common in most people’s diet. However, how often do you think about the impact that caffeine is having on your health and healthy lifestyle? Until you start to experience symptoms like a bloated stomach, you’ve probably never thought it through once.

So, is a coffee intolerance causing your bloated stomach?

Most likely. The reason Healthy Food Reviews focuses mainly on caffeine is that it is the most constant item in most people’s diet. But the question on everyone’s lips is how much caffeine can you drink before it has a negative effect on you. Lots of people require coffee to function in the morning and gain some much-needed energy. So, it would be incredibly difficult to just simply remove coffee from your diet.

Interestingly, with many food intolerances, it depends on the individual. In an annoyance to many, some people will consume purely on caffeine. They could have up to 4 or 5 coffees a day. This might not cause you to experience any symptoms like a bloated stomach or constipation but it is not recommended. Furthermore, people take their coffees differently. Some people prefer black coffee before exercise. This means it is incredibly strong and full of caffeine. You should not really exceed two or more black coffees a day. Others will tend to have a weak coffee, containing half milk and half coffee granules.

So, what do Healthline say? Well, the experts recommend that a caffeine intolerance could actually be down to how you take your coffee and the quantity. Having smaller cups means you can have more cups of coffee a day without suffering from the symptoms of intolerance. What’s more? It can also depend on the brand of coffee used! There are so many different factors to consider when learning about your own body and whether or not you have an intolerance to coffee.

Conclusion, is coffee good or bad?

Coffee can still be good. Especially if you are looking to sharpen your mind or even exercise. However, that innocent cup of coffee could be the cause of your bloated stomach or constipation. Be careful when boredom strikes and you find yourself making a coffee for fun. The thing is though if you have milk with your coffee, then it might be dairy intolerance. So, you may be cutting caffeine out of your diet for no reason. A milk intolerance would also cause a bloated stomach and possible constipation.

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