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More Ways To Exercise Indoors During The Winter Months

You may have noticed that the content schedule on Healthy Food Reviews has been ramped up recently. This is part of our methods to get physically and mentally better. Healthy Food Reviews are learning the best ways to exercise indoors. Our mental wellbeing has certainly improved thanks to blogging but also exercising indoors. Here are the best ways we have learned to exercise, whilst improving mentally and physically during a lockdown.

Mental Strength Through Exercise Indoors

The truth is one of our main highlights of exercise has been brain training. To cope with the mental effects of what the pandemic and lockdown have done, we needed to train in multiple ways. Blogging on our exercise routine and about the healthy recipes we have been following has certainly released some mental stress. Physical exertions are known to release stress and tension. 15 minutes of exercise a day outside is certainly beneficial. These exercises helped during lockdown certainly!

There is the old saying that goes around: ‘Did you really go to the gym if you don’t post about it on Facebook?’. This isn’t like that, even if it comes across like that. In fact, writing down the emotions that Healthy Food Reviews have experienced whilst doing exercise and indoors has been a real relief. The main ideals of exercise indoors and outside are the feeling afterwards. Everyone runs or works out for a reason. Whether it is to forget about the stress of being cooped up at home or even if weight loss is a goal, the eventual realisation and relief after running are what many people crave.

Press-Ups – From 10 to 100

Remember all the crazes at the start of lockdown? There was the toilet roll keepie-up phase. This was to test how many keepie-ups you could do with a roll of toilet paper. Not quite as exciting as it was made out to be, but it did sweep social media by storm. Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t say that this counts as exercise indoors. However, this social media craze did keep people occupied at a very tough time. It did not necessarily help with weight loss, but for those of us who were not very good, it did cause us some physical trouble!

Interestingly, the other craze was those who tried to raise money through the press-ups challenge. Doing press-ups was our type of exercise indoors. It occupied us every hour of the day. Like many people suggest, every time an hour ticks over, a person mentally and physically challenges themselves. Some people opt to go for a walk at the top of the hour.

At Healthy Food Reviews, our form of exercise indoors was to do press-ups at the top of every hour. It started off with ten press-ups at a time, but sitting here in December, we managed to get up to 75 press-ups. Slowly but surely, we had the patience to get to where wanted to get. That magical number of 75 that we set ourselves helped us in a mental and physical sense! It also helped with weight loss. This isn’t why we did it. But it sure did help!

Working With The ‘Nation’s PE Teacher’

Everyone knows about Joe Wicks. He took the world by storm. He is known for his lean in 15 healthy recipes in the kitchen. Furthermore, Joe did YouTube lessons for all those who could not manage to get outside when the lockdown began. This was an exercise indoors that you could follow. Not just content with cooking healthy recipes, Joe also focused on weight loss through high-intensity interval training. Healthy Food Reviews followed Joe’s videos from the living room. You can check them out here!

Exercise Indoors or Healthy Recipes – Which works best?

Whether weight loss is your goal or a healthy mind, exercise indoors helps both cases. Working through the lockdown was not the easiest on the mind, especially those working from home. However, if you get into the mindset that exercising indoors can benefit you, Healthy Food Reviews can show you evidence of how much it works. One of the biggest victories that we have had is on the scales. Losing 3 stone due to healthy recipes and exercising indoors was helpful.

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