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Getting some of your motivation back after Christmas

Losing weight after Christmas can be a lot harder for some rather than others. When it comes to December, that healthy eating routine you’ve been in goes out the window. You gain weight so quickly and you lose all motivation. The temptation is always there to be warm and cosy rather than out and about. Exercise is a distant memory. Of course, Christmas Dinner doesn’t help with weight loss, but why should it? It is Christmas after all! Below we talk about getting the mojo back and losing weight after Christmas.

How we are losing weight after Christmas

It is definitely a mental game. Having started on a weight loss journey since January, we really kicked into action in March when lockdown came. It has been a gruelling 12 months of trying to get in the right physical shape. Whether it has been through an indoor exercise routine or simply finding a load of healthy recipes to add to the meal plan.

It has been certainly been a journey that has been full of highs and lows. From scale victories and coming up with some delightful new meals, the highs have certainly outweighed the lows. Have there been any lows though? Well, there was the caffeine withdrawal symptoms which actually tuned out to be a caffeine intolerance. Hot lemon sorted that out perfectly though! The same will happen with losing weight after Christmas. Even though we have, admittedly, piled on the pounds, we have gone out and bought some new recipes books. New running shoes were the perfect motivational Christmas present. Compiling exercises with our food intolerance analysis, and also just trying to eat healthily, Healthy Food Reviews are certainly getting back on the right track.

What foods have we cut out?

Of course, by now everyone knows we are trying to preach the importance of a healthy diet. To do that, you need to eliminate foods. It’s not quite the same as an elimination diet. That is when you test your intolerance and remove any foods that are potentially dangerous to your body. A healthy diet is when you reduce portions and look for alternative ingredients. You can also cut out snacking. Basically, you do not have to eliminate these foods completely, but you certainly need to reduce the amount you are eating.

A good tip is to remove everything from the cupboards. At this time of year, food banks are desperate and it is always nice to give to charity. Due to the face that we were snacking a bit, we removed snacking foods from our cupboards and donated them to the local food bank. Of course, you shouldn’t waste food, but if you can give it away, it does help you to resist temptation. This is certainly the way we have gone about it with our aim of losing weight after Christmas.

Healthy Food Reviews

If you have found our blog motivational then that pleases us greatly. Remember, we don’t offer advice, just experiences. We try to add healthy recipes and food reviews all the time but only if we like it. Healthy Food Reviews are also not paid to promote any ingredients. The team do try all of these foods ourselves. One thing we are definitely not is medical professionals. Any comments are only experiences and not advice. Take the caffeine intolerance as an example. That was a horrible experience and the reason it was blogged about was because we wanted to tell people of our experience.

Nobody knows your body better than yourself. This is appropriate in all of your exercise routines. You know how much your body can take. In terms of how much you can run and also how much you can eat. Here’s to 2020. It can only get better! Let us see how we all get on in getting some motivation after Christmas. Thanks for reading our blog on how we are losing weight after Christmas Dinnner!

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