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Healthy Snacks – Making Low Calorie Foods Easier

It’s true, following a diet is not always easy. You want to be able to add healthy snacks to your low calorie diet to make it easier to stomach. Healthy diets help us achieve our end goals – losing weight. But some people find a healthy diet to be a bit bland. For example, at Healthy Food Reviews, originally porridge wasn’t top of the list. But we added it to our breakfast regime and we came to love it. How? We hear you ask. Well, we added Skinny Food Co’s chocolate syrup to our porridge. The Skinny Food syrup is delicious and tasty, but also perfect to add to our healthy snacks.

When should you have healthy snacks?

There is that old saying: ‘Eat Breakfast like a King, Eat Lunch like a Prince, and Eat Dinner like a Pauper.’

That is something Healthy Food Reviews subscribes to. If we want a snack and we are prepared, we’ll usually sneak it around Brunch. Take this morning, for example, we had a large breakfast. It was full of energy and fibre, with Baked Beans, Fried Eggs (using Fry Light Oil, low in calories) and also Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages. We then wanted a snack as we knew that later in the day we would be craving it. This is not our breakfast every day, of course, sometimes we opt for a breakfast smoothie recipe!

11 o’clock came, and Healthy Food Reviews opened the cupboards and bought out the Skinny Food Co chocolate syrup bottle. We had already added skinny milk to our porridge oats and the idea was that this would keep us going until Lunch/Dinner. We had down our workout of press-ups so we were hungry. The porridge was ready to be consumed but looked so bland. However, we knew we had to eat it now in order to be on plan. Between 11am and 11:30am is when we would recommend having your healthy snacks.

What healthy extras can you add to your diet?

Well, yeah this bit is quite important. Because Skinny Food Co chocolate syrup is so low in calories, we can add it to anything. That’s the trick with finding the right healthy extras and snacks for your diet. It’s better to find an extra rather than a full cheat meal. If we have a fibre one brownie etc, we’ll also cover (sometimes smother) that brownie in syrup. It mixes it up without feeling we have cheated.

This is the problem many people often find with trying to lose weight. When on a low calorie diet everything can seem a bit boring and samey. Adding flavour is the most important thing. It is similar when having other meals like Cheesburger Pasta and Fakeaway Kebabs. Using the low in calorie yoghurt mint sauce we like to add to pretty much anything, or even some delicious burger sauce.

Sometimes you just need to snack smart

This is easier said than done, we know that. When on a low calorie diet, it is not literally about eating less. You can still eat the same, though smaller portions are recommended. But, it is what about you eat. An example is that you simply need to snack smarter. This is because, especially if you have a young family, a lot of the problem foods will come from your snacks. In fact, the NHS states that half the sugar that a young child will have will come from snacking and from sugary drinks.

This can also be said for grown adults. When growing up, you are usually taught that sugar is bad for you, but sometimes the focus on your teeth etc. However, if your target is weight loss and keeping skinny and slim then you need to consider that it may cause serious health problems. Tooth decay is still important however when considering your sugar intake. But why not kill two birds with one stone, so to speak?

The idea of Healthy Food Reviews is that we provide advice and tips for eating healthier and better. You are looking for healthier options. But we know you won’t always have the time to prepare and cook these healthy recipes. That is why considering your healthy snacks and healthy extras are just as important.

Today’s blog is about chocolate syrup to your sometimes plain porridge. This does not particularly sound like a healthy snack, but honestly, it is! If you choose the right one obviously. Try Skinny Food Co’s chocolate syrup and learn a bit more about the reviews and what we think of it.

Lastly, have a happy and healthy weekend!

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