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Getting Back On A Health Kick After A Month Off

If you have ever got to the point where you have overexerted yourself and feel constantly injured, then it may be time to take a break. This is common for many athletes who have started on a health kick. It does not have to be physical overexertion either. Yes, you can do too much exercise so that your body does not cope anymore. However, you can also do too much mentally. Not giving yourself a break and stressing too much about eating the right foods causes a lot of pain. In fact, Healthy Food Reviews are here to discuss why taking a break may be a good thing, as long as you get back on the horse afterwards.

Physical Overexertion

Sometimes you will just do too much exercise for your body to handle. We have experienced it plenty of times in fact. When talking about running long distances, you do need to give your body a break. You can eat all the right foods and have everything in place to lose weight, but if you injure yourself, you can find yourself back at square one.

An example would be running too many long distances in a short space of time. We did it at Healthy Food Reviews so we are speaking from experience. Yes, in fact, we have done it twice. One was because we were preparing for a run, the other was at the end of a health kick. In fact, the physical exertion that we put on ourselves was too much. This meant that when we stopped physically, we also stopped mentally. The new healthy regime was over. The mind had gone as well as the body. There’s more on that later but if you can’t release your emotions through exercise, when can you release them? That is why it is important to get to know your body. You still need to eat the right foods, but you also need to know what it can take. Pounding on the pavement can lead to knee issues, as well as physical back pain.

Mental Struggles

As discussed earlier, overexertion on the body during a health kick can also lead to mental struggles. This can be either demotivation or just feeling a bit moody. If you are exercising non-stop then your body might get used to the routine. If this begins to happen then you need to switch up your exercise routine. This can be as much of a relaxing mental change as it can be physical. You don’t want to get stale and you don’t want to grow bored. If you’re not motivated for those 5km runs anymore then maybe you can try exercising indoors.

It only has to be a couple of days. Otherwise if you completely lose motivation, it can be hard to get started on the health kick again. For example, would you really want to start running 5k every day after a month off? Highly unlikely. It will be tough mentally as well as physically. So, make sure you manage it. Of course, give yourself a rest but also take a step back and assess whether you are doing too much. There is nothing worse or more upsetting than realising all that hard work you put in on weight loss and getting fit has gone down the drain.

There could be food-related issues as well which cause mental pain. Having too much coffee results in a caffeine intolerance which leaves you feeling mentally drained. You might have wanted to use caffeine as a way of feeling more alive, but in actual fact, it could be leaving you feeling worse for wear. The same can be said when consuming carbohydrates so just be careful.

Restarting Your Health Kick

So, we have discussed the issues that come about from physical and mental overexertion. But we haven’t discussed how to overcome those issues. At Healthy Food Reviews we do know how upsetting it can sometimes be. To look in the mirror or on the scales and see zero difference. There are ways to overcome these hurdles though. It can be quite simple but you do need a bit of willpower.

One of the best ways is to remember why you started a health kick in the first place. This can be important as you can revisit the goals. If you started at a certain weight and set yourself a target, you can reassess the target. If you have piled on the weight again, then you may want to keep the same target. You know you have done it before so why would you not be able to do it again?

If exercise is what you have struggled with then start slowly again. There are some great apps out there that help you with this sort of thing. The Couch 2 5K and Couch 2 10K running apps can be a great help. You need to accept you won’t be as good as you once were when it comes to exercise. But that does not mean you cannot get back to where you were. Gradually being able to run 5km and then a 10km will do wonders for your ego. If work has been weighing you down since coming out of lockdown also, then physical exercise can be excellent in releasing stress. Even half an hour of exercise a day would definitely help!

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