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How Eating Well and Exercising Properly Can Help With Your Mental Health

By now you probably know that our favourite saying at Healthy Food Reviews is: “Healthy Life = Healthy Mind”. That’s why Healthy Food Reviews was born. People have struggled through a tumultuous 2021. It was lockdown’s galore and lots of people had to turn to exercise to provide some mental relief. If, like us, you are people of routine, then exercise routines were certainly a blessing. Some people turned to DIY and getting their houses in shape, some turned to get their body in shape. Whichever way you opted to go for, the most important thing was having a routine. As you can tell from our recent exercise blogs, we went down the route of having various exercise routines to keep our mind occupied. Check out why it is important to give your mind a break with a healthy routine.

Exercise Routines Help You To Concentrate

It is pretty much common knowledge that an exercise routine is a good thing for the mind. But did you know just how far some people will go? We were told a story at Healthy Food Reviews that made us laugh but at the same time made us think about how important getting into a routine is for some.

Speaking to others in the good food and eating world, someone explained this to us. They said to keep their mind focused before and after work (they were working from home), they would get up as usual and get in their car and go for a drive. Now, we know this isn’t the best for the environment. However, he did emphasise that it was the most minimal of drives. When he returned home, he would have a shower and get into his work clothes.

Why did he do this though? Well, it turns out this person had got into strict exercise routines, alongside being on a healthy diet. He felt he needed these routines to keep his mind focused for the workday ahead. Interesting!

What is it like to lose your routine?

Some people (before the national lockdowns) used to be in the gym every morning at 4, 5 or even 6 am. They were used to their exercise routines and it helped them to focus. It must be difficult having that routine taken away from you. At Healthy Food Reviews, we began the year on a strict diet and we had a proper routine going.

The healthy lifestyle and good food diet meant that we had to be strict. Our exercise routine involved a run in the morning before work. Then came a day of work and a light lunch. Lastly, it was finished off with a beautiful healthy recipe that was included in the diet we were following. One of the things we found interesting of being on this healthy diet was that we had to be in a routine. The meal was followed by a long walk as part of our daily exercise. Whether it was around the local canal or past the local supermarket, it really helped mentally, and physically.

What’s the best exercise routine to follow?

The honest answer here is, there is not one. It’s the same as a diet. Everyone is different. Your body will react to differently to different exercises in the same way as it would to different foods. You do not develop an intolerance to exercise like you would develop an intolerance to caffeine, for example, but some exercises won’t work for you like they would for others. It is important to find exercise routines that work for you.

Obviously, exercise should be hard work, but you should also reap the benefits from it. Some people do not like running. That is fair. Personally, it creates a sense of freedom and allows us to feel mentally free. Release the shackles of all that stress that has been weighing you down.

Others though do not like running. This means that they probably will not put in the effort. Therefore it could be a waste. This doesn’t matter though, exercise like cycling will certainly help you out. this creates the same sense of being outside and having the freedom at a time when everything seems so restricted. Remember though, you still need to follow government guidelines. You should exercise on your own. Find a green space or a route that you know won’t be packed with people. Cycling and running are good exercise routines to get into if you are feeling a bit restricted.

Alternative methods are exercising indoors

With the weather as it is, and this being Britain, it is not easy to exercise outdoors all the time. Whilst fresh air is good, it is not always easy to do. The rain continues to pour, especially in the winter months. That’s when your exercise routine may have to be bought indoors. Fortunately, exercising indoors can still be very effective for you. The endorphins that exercise brings do contribute to a healthy mind. Any exercise will help you burn calories, which means you will lose weight. Of course, to get the best results of your weight loss journey, you also need to find healthy recipes and continue to eat well. Eating junk food all day and then doing 15 minutes of exercise will not contribute to your weight loss. But, doing your exercise will make you feel better.

With HIIT sessions and personal trainers becoming increasing popular, more people are turning to exercise indoors. Getting out on the bike has been replaced by logging on to YouTube and doing an exercise session indoors. If you are eating healthily, then these sessions will be of benefit to you mentally. Weight loss and feeling better does go hand in hand, but it isn’t everything. Getting your body in shape can breed mental confidence and raise your self-esteem. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Replace your work target with exercise routines

Additionally, exercise routines mean you can set yourself goals. Whether it is a weight loss scale victory, or a body fat target, you now have something to aim for. People are using the lockdown to set themselves a steps target. This includes doing 10,000 steps a day. Some people will focus on setting themselves goals when it comes to exercise. It could be running a personal best in a 5K run, or even a 10K run if you fancy it. For us, though, the goal was simply to eat better and exercise more. If we focused on doing this at Healthy Food Reviews, then the weight loss target and exercise goals would come naturally. When you reach these goals, it can seriously heighten your self-esteem. A scale victory can give you that proper boost mentally that you need.

Ultimately, this article is all about the importance of trying to get yourself into an exercise routine. Whether it is exercising indoors or outdoors, setting yourself targets and goals can certainly help your mental health. It is not all about exercise though. You still need to eat healthily. Remember, Healthy Food Reviews have been compiling healthy recipes throughout the year and sharing them with you. You can also find the exact source of the good food recipes on our recipes page..

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