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The Road To Healthy Living

2021 has pretty much started as 2020 ended. But what can we do? Nothing much. We need to make the most of it for sure. There are certain things you can do in order to ensure you are following the art of healthy living. Whether it’s freshening up your exercise routines, or simply introducing healthy recipes to your weekly meal plan, we can help. For this article though, we are discussing some fresh workouts for you to try. These are all part of a healthy living plan. Going hand in hand with clean eating, exercise routines lead to a healthy lifestyle. If weight loss is your goal, these are your ideal new workouts for 2021.


The popularity of hula-hooping is on the rise. It was throughout 2020 as it was a good workout when exercising indoors. Personally, we never got on with it. It was a struggle and can cause aches and pains on the hips. But that’s only at the start. As with all exercise, it just takes a bit of getting used to. The benefit of hula hooping when trying to develop a healthy lifestyle is you can exercise indoors. It also is less likely to cause boredom? Boredom is a common theme as to why people stop exercising indoors and outdoors. But hula-hooping means it can be done whilst watching the TV. So, whack your favourite Netflix programme on and get hooping. Some followers of Healthy Food Reviews have been hooping for 2 hours, you can check out their socials here.


Okay, we’ve not reinvented the wheel here, we know. But there are different types of running. Essentially to keep your body in shape and ensure healthy living, you need to shock your body. Not with an electric shock, but just in terms of exercise. You need to mix it up. Try short sharp sprints down the canal or round the estate. You can also try long distance running (locally). The other exercise routines you have been following will help your fitness in this respect. For example, you can do hula-hooping one week, hiking the next, and try running for a week. You won’t be unfit, which is what many people think, because you still have been exercising indoors. If weight loss is your goal, running and cardio is probably the best thing you can do. That, alongside clean eating of course.

Running doesn’t have to be painful either. It can be a light jog. Getting fresh air and being outside is well known to be good for mental health. So why not get outside and go for a light run? Feel the fresh air on your face. This is a great start to healthy living alongside indoor exercise hula-hooping.


The perception of Yoga has changed drastically over the recent years. Yoga offers plenty of health benefits, but it also helps people with their mental health. When someone talks about the art of healthy living, their mind often drifts to Yoga. Yoga is able to help with all arts of health and clean living. You can add yoga as part of your weight loss journey. It will also increase circulation which is incredibly important.

Get that flow going through your body. Another thing about yoga is that it counts as exercising indoors. So you can do it whilst meditating and you do not have to venture out in the cold air. It is also cheap, as all it requires is a Yoga mat and you are set for life. Obviously, there are people far more qualified to talk to you about the benefits of yoga, but it has certainly benefitted us!

Resistance Bands

There are plenty of benefits to resistance bands. Again, this is not a new thing for those who are experienced in developing their own indoor exercise routines. For those beginners, resistance bands really shake up your exercise. We spoke earlier about shocking your body and this is certainly something you can try to mix it up and tone body. Yoga helps with mental health. Running helps with weight los and mental health. Hooping helps with keeping the body moving and getting in shape. Resistance bands help with muscle strength.

All these workouts are so varied and that is why we love them at Healthy Food Reviews. If you are not careful you can slip into the same routine and your body will get used to it. Try to change it up every couple of weeks. But why should you try resistance bands? Well, they certainly improve the quality of your exercises. Additionally, it is another exercise you can do whilst watching your favourite TV show. There’s your motivation for you! Muscle strength and working on your core fitness, resistance bands are certainly something you need to try this year!


Surely you have been hiking? If you haven’t you are certainly missing out. As we are writing this, it is snowing so outdoor exercise is probably out of the question. But you can exercise indoors with the other exercise mentioned in this article. When it stops snowing though and the restrictions are lifted, you should definitely try hiking. Being based in the Peak District, Healthy Food Reviews love hiking. Whether it is climbing Kinder Scout or Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire, hiking is superb for mental health and getting in physical shape. If you have a steps target every day, hiking will resolve that. If you have a calorie target each day, hiking can fix that as well!

Essentially, hiking is just a more relaxed version of running or jogging. It still ties in with healthy living but you do probably have to do it for longer. A 10K run may take between 45 minutes and an hour, whereas a 10K hike will take up to 2/2 and a half hours. This is what puts people off hiking, but you just need to make a day of it. With cold food and healthy recipes now available, you can even break up your hike with a picnic during lunch. So, if that doesn’t make it an attractive proposition then what will? If you are serious about healthy living then these exercises should set you up.

Healthy Living – What does it mean?

Healthy living has many different definitions depending on who you ask. For some people, healthy living means finding a load of good food recipes and eating clean. For others, it is about exercise. Some will mention weight loss, and some will mention mental health. The answer is somewhere in all of these, but there usually is a domino effect.

One example is how a healthy diet and clean eating can help your mental health. Another example is how your diet can have a negative effect on you mentally and physically. We’ll start by discussing the negative effect of a strict diet so that we can finish on a positive!

Let’s say you’ve cut dairy out of your diet. This means you will be drinking black coffee only and won’t try alternatives. Well, you need to be careful about how strict you are. You will need to find alternative drinks. Because if you end up drinking caffeine only and don’t mix it up (after cutting out milkshakes) you will end up feeling the negative effects of caffeine intolerance. Yes, black coffee is good for you and will give you that extra boost, BUT you can’t limit your liquid intake to just that. You need to ensure you are having one or two a day maximum. You can then have lots of water and squash alongside it. This is because you don’t want to be crashing on caffeine or experiencing the negative effects of consuming too much of the same ingredient, creating a food intolerance!

Positive effects of a strict healthy living diet

Okay… So, we spoke about the negatives of a strict diet, but more importantly, there are positives. If you are looking at clean eating and generally feeling a lot better in yourself, then a balanced diet is what you need. Healthy eating is even more important in winter because you won’t be outside as much. Make sure you are eating a healthy breakfast like a King. Then you need to have an energy-packed lunch like a Prince. Lastly, you need a light dinner to ensure you burn it off before bed. Try a late-night exercise in front of the TV for about an hour after eating.

Being in this strict clean eating and exercise routine means you are likely to feel better. It would be good for your mental health. You will be more likely to reach your weight loss goals. This can have an amazing effect on your mental health. Body confidence is such a big thing when it comes to mental health. That is why healthy living is so important. Whilst in lockdown, there has never been a better time to get your body in shape. When we are released in the Summer (hopefully) you will have released the shackles for sure!

The art of healthy living

Following these exercises and good healthy eating routine is so important. At Healthy Food Reviews, we have thoroughly enjoyed the art of healthy living.

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