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A Big List Of Healthy Stuff

At Healthy Food Reviews, we thought it was time we got back to what we do best. What’s that? Reviews healthy foods! The idea of the blog was started to review the healthy foods that we were introducing into our diet. Whether it was revealing the healthy recipe we were trying or just the healthy snacks on offer, we wanted to provide our opinion a big list of healthy stuff for you to add to your diet. Below, we do a recap just over a year on.

Apples and Oranges

There is not one person who does know that fruit is healthy food. Apples and oranges in particular provide plenty of vitamins for consumers. Oranges in particular are a great source of Vitamin C, so these are a necessity in your new healthy diet. We probably don’t really need to review these healthy foods, but we can say that they are both good for you and tasty. Don’t believe us? Try them out for yourself. They won’t do you any harm. Have a drink (ideally water or squash) with you if it is the texture or taste that you are worried about.

Vegan Meats

Vegan ‘meats’ or any alternatives to meat have been a game-changer for Healthy Food Reviews. You still need a source of protein which is why we’ve included this in our list of healthy stuff to add to your diet. When turning healthy and giving up food, you need to remember you don’t have to go completely cold turkey. Cheat meals are allowed but you won’t always need them. If you feel like you’ll be missing out on the taste of meat then you should try vegan alternatives. We wrote a blog on vegan sausage rolls which was great and to be honest, we didn’t even know the difference. That is why it can be a great option to add to your list of healthy stuff. Get your fix of sausage rolls by trying a vegan sausage roll from Greggs… you could be on to a winner.

Other things in the list of Healthy Stuff

There are actually plenty of other fruits and veg that you can add to your list of foods to try. There are also some healthy extras that are surprisingly good for you as well so make sure you take note of the list below…

Halloumi (including Halloumi Fries)

Halloumi fries are very popular for those trying to lose weight. They also add an extra spin to your dish. In fact, they have become so popular that Aldi has even jumped on the bandwagon of selling halloumi fries. But why are they so good? Well, halloumi has always been popular. However, halloumi fries just hit differently, and they are good for you in a sense. The type of cheese often comes in big slices and is seen in burgers. They are essentially cheese chopped into batons. It’s then fried and seasoned. If you’ve not tried halloumi fries, it’s worth a go.

Chocolate Brownies

We are not even kidding here. Everybody knows that fruit and vegetables are good for you. We mentioned that earlier and gave a simplistic review of them. But more interestingly for you, you can specific chocolate brownies to your list of healthy stuff to try. Obviously, we are not talking about the chocolate fudge brownies that you get for dessert in a restaurant. There are active fibre one brownies which are great in flavour but also low in calories. They are a great healthy extra to add to your diet. You can see where we previously reviewed these active fibre one brownies here.

Skinny Flavoured Syrup

In the early days of Healthy Food Reviews, the skinny flavoured syrup was one of the first healthy foods that we reviewed. This healthy extra not only tastes delicious but adds a little flavour to something you might otherwise consider as ‘plain.’ If you are a regular reader of our blogs then you’ll know that Healthy Food Reviews love to add this flavoured syrup to porridge. Starting with healthy foods in the morning helps to kick off your day in the best way possible. The Skinny Food Co and its syrups provide the perfect addition to a healthy breakfast.

Recipes which include a list of Healthy Stuff

Ultimately, there is no point in having a big list of healthy foods and other stuff if you don’t know what to do with it. It’s good having healthy snacks like brownies and fries, but you need a healthy recipe to go with them. There are plenty of healthy recipes out there and you can review a lot of them on the internet. Mixing your favourite foods into a meal is a challenge but definitely, one that is worth trying.

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