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Why I Am Quitting Caffeine

There are some times in life when we just to take a step back and take a look at our lifestyle. Digging deeper into our own lifestyle can sometimes reveal some things we don’t want to read or hear about. The words caffeine withdrawal symptoms and caffeine intolerance can strike fear into the heart of anyone. For us at Healthy Food Reviews, it has led to us reconsidering our lifestyle. We have definitely been drinking too much coffee and tried to limit the amount we were consuming. Green tea was an option but the time has come to admit that I need to give up drinking coffee. Below is my story of why I am quitting caffeine:

1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a common symptom of caffeine intolerance or another type of food intolerance. In fact, it is one the most prevalent alongside bloating. It is the constant anxiety in the workplace and in general which was causing me issues. That is why I am quitting caffeine. Having gone from coffee with milk and two sugars, I went on to black coffee. It was actually a long journey. But how deep can we get about caffeine? This will surprise you. It was hard to give up two sugars. It was then hard to remove milk. However, black coffee was definitely the way to go on our way to weight loss.

It was consistent weight gain that I thought was causing my anxiety. I wanted to improve my body confidence. As one-half of Healthy Food Reviews, losing weight was important to me. Now don’t get me wrong, the black coffee helped with weight loss but it was so easy to drink that evidently I drank too much of it and this resulted in symptoms like anxiety.

2. Bloating

Constant bloating has long been a pet peeve of mine. I’ve always suffered from it and was one of the reasons I was desperate to lose weight. It was only when I was researching bloated stomachs that I realised that I realised it could be a result of caffeine intolerance. I was only searching for tips on losing weight after Christmas. Obviously, my mind started spinning. Caffeine was my go-to. I needed it first thing in the morning to wake me up, and sometimes as a boost to get through the afternoon.

But was I relying on it? I would even have a black coffee before a long run because I thought it was giving me energy. However, it was actually the exercise that was making me feel better, not the caffeine. Becoming too reliant on the energy-boosting ingredient is another reason why I am giving up caffeine. I was running but still feeling bloated just afterwards.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle needs to be modified and suited to an individual. Each person is different. They will react differently to healthy foods. There are plenty of healthy recipes out there, but you need to make sure it suits you. If you eat too much of the same food, it results in a food intolerance. That is why variety is important.

Essentially, what I learned is that I was drinking too much coffee. The idea behind my healthy lifestyle was great. In fact, the exercise was superb for me, both mentally and physically. It helped me to settle into my new job and I was proud of the distances that I was running. However, I was overly reliant on caffeine and thinking it was the driving force behind the healthy lifestyle. I’ve since learned that I can run without caffeine and it was a very positive experience.

Why I am Quitting Caffeine

Overall, these are just some of the main reasons why I am quitting caffeine. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and if it means adapting to the healthy stuff required, then this is something that I will do.

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