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Foods That Give You Energy

There are many foods that give you energy but which ones suit your exercise routine the best? You can find out how to optimise your healthy lifestyle here in this article. Funnily enough, the inspiration behind writing this article is because we are currently mapping out our exercise routines for the month of February. This is because we are planning to run a marathon at the end. Having done two half marathons in January, there is still a lot of planning involved. One thing which we are adapting for February is foods. Which are the foods that give you the energy to keep running? Motivation can be hard to find but finding the right foods that give you energy will stop you flagging at each milestone on your run.

Energy Boosting Carbohydrates Are Foods That Give You Energy

For the real running novices out there, the go-to is pasta. Healthy Food Reviews were certainly running novices when this blog was founded. In fact, we still are, but we are doing research on finding the right foods. Obviously, this article is all about learning which foods give you energy for running, but we also want to stick to a healthy diet. Food is fuel for life. It is not just for running and other exercise routines. You need to have a healthy diet which consists of foods that give you mental energy as well as physical, but more on that later.

When preparing for a big run, or a series of long runs, you need to find energy-boosting carbohydrates. These are the foods that give you energy. Whilst whole-grain pasta is always on the list, there are actually plenty of other foods which will help you reach your exercise goals. Remember, running is not just a weight loss exercise, it can also free you up mentally as well. Some of these healthy energy-boosting carbs include bananas, dark chocolate, yoghurt and of course whole grain pasta. Yes yes, we know… Dark chocolate always throws up a surprise. But try eating it the night before a long run. The results are very impressive.

Below, we go into more detail about which foods give you energy and what they contain:


Bananas are a bit like Marmite. You either love them or hate them. At Healthy Food Reviews, we certainly were on the negative side. However, once we found out that bananas were one of the foods that give you energy, we had to warm to them. Little by little, we introduced them into our diet. After doing our research, we were able to plan exactly when we would include bananas into our good food diet. By getting this timing right, we were able to optimise our running and exercise routines. They also help to stop the pain you may feel in your knees due to being filled with potassium and also one of the essential vitamins, vitamin B6. Boosting your energy levels has never been more important if you are looking to go on a long run.


Recently, Healthy Food Reviews wrote an article on what essential vitamins you need in your healthy diet. Green vegetables like Brocolli actually contain more energy than you think. Remember when your parents used to force you to eat your greens? They didn’t do that for fun. In fact, the idea behind the green beans was to provide you with physical energy and also mental sharpness. House and Garden recommend that someone would feel the benefits of adding steamed broccoli to their lunch. This is because it will regulate your energy levels, allowing you to function properly in a mental and physical sense. Broccoli is certainly one of the foods that will give you energy for your run.

Coffee and Caffeine

Hello old friend. Yes, somehow, almost all the Healthy Food Reviews articles actually bring us back to coffee. We don’t do it on purpose, promise! But caffeine has been shown by plenty to provide energy for a run and also to improve your work performance. Obviously, we can’t write this without mentioning the elephant in the room… caffeine intolerance. But by now you would have learned enough from us to know whether or not you are experiencing the symptoms of caffeine intolerance. Healthy Food Reviews, fortunately, removed the risk of experiencing symptoms of caffeine intolerance. We did this by limiting our consumption of coffee. However, enough about that! Here is why coffee and caffeine can actually help.

There have been multiple studies which have proven that caffeine gives runners the extra boost they are looking for. Sometimes it can cause you to stop for a toilet break, so you need to time it right. The momentum should be enough though. Essentially, whilst caffeine is not one of the foods that give you energy, it is an ingredient you need. An intake of caffeine before a long run will actually help you to go further. It helps in terms of enduring long runs as well as sprinting.

Other Foods That Give You Energy

Ultimately, the key to being fit and getting enough energy in your day is having a healthy and balanced diet. There are plenty of foods that give you energy but they shouldn’t be eaten for the sole purpose of running. They can help your mental sharpness. Avoiding mental fatigue is important for your job and your mental health. By all means, do consume these foods naturally. But, don’t be afraid to have these foods at any point. Try not to have them in the evening though! You may never sleep.

Check out our healthy recipes which are full of these energy boosting foods. See how much it could benefit you!

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