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What’s It Like To Eat A Vegan kebab?

No ads, no promotions, just a truly genuine experience of how we felt when we tried a vegan kebab. Everyone loves a doner or mixed meat kebab. Well, most people do. Its a staple at the chip shop after a night out in the UK. Personally, after a night out on the town with a few beers, we used to turn to a kebab with burger sauce and chips. Obviously, that has not been on the menu since we started the Healthy Food Reviews blog about all things healthy stuff. However, a vegan kebab has become commonplace in the weekly meal plan. Alongside cheeseburger pasta and breakfast smoothies, this is a new recipe and meal you need to try.

What is a vegan kebab?

A vegan diet does not actually live up to its stereotype. Lots of people turn their nose up at people who go vegan. It is not right and it is not good to stereotype people this way. Healthy Food Reviews tried a vegan diet for a week and actually loved it. This was because there is more variety than you think. Because of its rise in popularity, supermarkets have started providing vegan alternatives and meat substitutes.

Quorn has been around for a while and we do love Quorn bites and nuggets. The mince is something we need to try, but if you do want to try something that is vegan, then try the nuggets, bites and kebabs. However, you can always be a bit sceptical. But this vegan substitute is actually 100% plant-based. It is filled with protein, which we know is good for a balanced diet. This meal also is a good source of vitamin B12 and iron. Plus, ultimately, it is suitable for vegans. So, it’s not that bad, is it?

Did we enjoy the meal?

This is what we thought of the new vegan alternatives to that Doner kebab. We loved it! You can find many photos on our Instagram page, but that’s because we love it so much. We cook it in a saucepan as advised in the instructions and then once its ready, we tuck in. The thing is, it looks exactly like a doner kebab. You don’t really know the difference. Take away the greasy nature of the meal and there we go. It’s magical!

Wrap it in a wholemeal pitta if you are calorie counting. That’s the thing, this is actually nicer even if you are not on a weight loss diet. It just makes you feel better and doesn’t give you that sluggish feeling that some kebabs do. You can add it to your diet and the calories won’t be extortionate. Obviously, some people choose to add chips but this isn’t absolutely necessary.

What did we add?

Healthy Food Reviews added lettuce (vegan) and a vegan coleslaw to our diet. We also had air-fried chips. You can have potatoes as part of a vegan diet, which highlights that your meal is not completely limited. The chips are probably the unhealthiest out of all the ingredients, but even they aren’t bad for you. You can still add burger sauce to the kebab to give you that chip shop feeling. Carrots and other sorts of veg that go alongside the kebab are not frowned upon either. Seriously, you need to give it a go. You won’t regret it if you have anything like the experience that we do.

You can find the exact meat kebab here, but it is sold everywhere now, such is its popularity. Try it out. Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. It could be the meat substitute you’ve been looking for.

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