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What Is The Best Food To Eat Before A Run?

What is the best food to eat before a run? Is it pasta, or is it a food inundated with caffeine? It honestly varies on the person. Like we’ve said before, Healthy Food Reviews prefer black coffee before a long run. We’ve been quiet on the blogging, eating and exercise front. Honestly, it has been a disaster in terms of blogging. We have still been eating healthily, however. In fact, as I write this blog, it’s on the back of a delightful Chilli Con Carne which I have just consumed. Note, I did consume this healthy meal after running, not before. It provided me with the protein that I have been missing recently.

Carb loading before a run

Some people need to eat carbohydrates before going on a long run. They do it because the slow-release carbohydrates often found in pasta help the body to store its energy. Therefore, the morning after consuming pasta, a jogger will attempt a run and use up the energy they had consumed the night before. This is the most common route that an athlete will take. Others will prefer to dose up with caffeine, but more on that later.

Loading up your body with carbohydrates is not a bad thing if you do it correctly. The calories you’ll be consuming won’t matter because you will burn them off anyway. So, if weight loss is on your mind then don’t worry, the exercise will help on that front. You don’t need to avoid pasta because of the potential bloated stomach, it will go away once you’ve burnt the calories.

Caffeine Diet

Jamie Vardy famously broke the Premier League scoring streak on a diet of Red Bull and Port. For some people, it just works. This is why people think foods with caffeine inside is the best food before a run If you’re not too careful you will end up with caffeine intolerance symptoms which will hold you back on your exercise, regardless of how to fit you are. This is the risk that comes with caffeine. It is ultimately why many people choose to go down the carbohydrate route when preparing for exercise. You wouldn’t be able to run with a bloated stomach. Similar to the fact you wouldn’t want to run with a headache or feeling fatigued.

The symptoms of a caffeine intolerance wouldn’t directly cause you to lose fitness, but they may cause you to stop exercising. Feeling lethargic, paranoid and generally fatigued will stop you from feeling the urge to run. Therefore, all in all, you may be just not put as much effort into your exercise. You’ll also then find yourself slacking on your weight loss diet. It’s a vicious circle and one you need to avoid. That is why we at Healthy Food Reviews lean towards a carbohydrate fueled diet. It is the best food to eat before a run.

Is there the best food to eat before a run?

Ultimately, it depends on your own body. Plus, what matters is how much exercise you do. Running once a month is beneficial, but won’t change much fitness-wise. You can’t just load up on pasta and other carbs and expect to run a marathon. You need to ensure you consume potassium as well. This means it should help with your aching legs. When we have run a half marathon, our legs and muscles end up aching. This is due to a build-up of lactic acid. Obviously, you will always ache after a long run. But there are ways you can manage it. Ultimately though, it is about training properly. You can do this by running outside and also exercising indoors.

Bananas, oranges and foods filled with glucose are good foods to eat after a run. Pasta, apples and other starch and glucose foods are good to eat the night before. Although carbs are considered to be not healthy, if you are running off the calories over the next day then it doesn’t matter. Running a marathon after eating pasta will be good for you. But you should always do your research to understand the best foods for you to eat before a run.

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