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Remember, Remember Your Diet in November

Good afternoon, this is an important message from Healthy Food Reviews. There is no food which will directly cause you to lose weight. So if you are thinking about what foods help with weight loss, then there are foods which can contribute to you being able to lose weight, but not actually directly cause it. If weight loss is your goal then you can follow certain diets which will help you to shed the weight from your stomach. Most of the recipes we have added in our healthy recipe page should give you what you need to reach your goals.

What foods help with weight loss?

What started this page? Well, it was that lockdown left us trying to shed the weight. We wanted to keep our bodies in shape whilst being allowed one piece of exercise a day. This was never going to be enough for those of us who pride ourselves on our physique. So even though the healthy recipes dried up (there are more coming again) we learned so much about our bodies and diets. Especially, we learned that certain foods will not directly cause you to lose weight. It is about calorie deficits and other sorts of a nutrient balanced diet.

Later on, in this article, we do discuss what foods you should eat which are big fat burners, but you have to comply with your healthy diet. Here are the best foods to have a snack on if you want to get rid of the food intolerance symptoms you may be suffering from, including bloating. You do not want to eat something perceived to be healthy, but it actually extends your abdomen. Bloating is not painful, but it certainly makes you feel like you are not losing weight. It can be uncomfortable and can actually be caused by foods which you thought would help you lose weight.

A diet, not a certain food, can contribute to weight loss

Remember, remember, your diet in November. If you are on a healthy diet then you will be wondering what foods help with weight loss. The problem is, we are now back in lockdown. This means we can’t just pop to the shops and get some salad or vegetables to ensure we are eating correctly. Occasionally, we would be led to look what’s in our cupboard, especially on a dreary Sunday evening. The problem Healthy Food Reviews have found is exactly that. What is in our cupboards? The answer is tinned foods. These will not help you ease your bloating and will not be part of a healthy diet.

When opening up the Healthy Food Reviews cupboards, we came across soup and baked beans. Everyone loves baked beans but they are not necessarily good. They are full of fibre, but also full of possible food intolerances. Baked beans can result in excess gas, a bloated stomach and your stomach pains. So no, when thinking about what foods will help you lose weight, you can’t just think of certain foods. You need an exercise plan, a meal plan and a basic knowledge of how many calories each food contains.

Dark Chocolate is actually a healthy snack

You see, this is half the problem with dieting. For us, and the general population, chocolate would not be good for you. But actually, many nutritionists point out that dark chocolate is actually a good healthy snack. This goes against pretty much everything we thought, and you’ll probably be surprised. But, this sweet treat can actually help to balance your gut. A healthy balanced diet can help you to achieve weight loss over time, but nothing will be a quick fix.

Everyone has been there… we go for a run and expect us to shed the weight straight away. But no, we need a healthy diet. Of course, though, everyone is not expected to simply stick to only healthy food. There are actually healthy snacks and treats which would be suitable for you.

Gauge on Olives

Excitingly, you can also introduce olives into your diet. If you have given up your alcoholic intake, then you might be missing your fix. BUT, adding olives into your diet is not just tasty, but will also contribute to your weight loss. Why? Well, olives are a healthy snack themselves, they also stop you from eating other snacks. It’s common knowledge that people need to snack. So finding the right healthy snacks have never been more important.

It is not so much what foods you eat which will help you achieve weight loss, but actually what you do not eat. You still need to eat three meals a day. Starting with a big breakfast, having a medium-sized lunch, and also setting yourself up for dinner. But you just need to watch your calorie intake. Don’t sit there stuffing your face with chocolate and crisps. Don’t have ‘just one beer’. It all adds up and you will find it on your waist.

So, the point of this article? Well, you are probably wondering what foods help with weight loss. The answer is, it is not the foods which cause this, it is the diet. Yes, you can find healthy extras and snacks, but you do need to learn which ones you can have. Watch your calorie intake and learn how many calories you are burning a day. That is simply what we have learned over the past six months. Balancing the number of calories we are consuming over the week sees great results when we stop on the scales.

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