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Avoiding Foods That Give You Anxiety

What are the foods that give you anxiety? Can food and drink even cause you to feel anxious and depressed? Not directly necessarily, but it can certainly contribute. In fact, literally any food can cause you stress and upset if you are not careful. UK Food Intolerance cites that eating too much of any food can bring on symptoms of intolerance. It doesn’t have to be a particular food. To use a Healthy Food Reviews example, drinking too much coffee leads to symptoms of caffeine intolerance. Whether it be a bloated stomach, headaches or anxiety and depression, you need to ensure you have a healthy diet. A healthy life means a healthy mind.

What are the foods that give you anxiety?

Certain foods can bring on an onset of anxiety and depression. But this isn’t to say that one food gives you anxiety. It is in fact, just one of the symptoms of intolerance. If you eat the same food day in and day out you will develop an intolerance. However, there are actually certain ingredients that may cause you to feel anxious. Caffeine is well known to antagonise and provoke anxiety symptoms. This is the result of other direct consequences, however. Caffeine does give you an energy boost which means it disrupts sleep and is likely to worsen your symptoms of anxiety.

What is important to note is that you should mix up your diet and eat a variety of foods. The wrong foods at the wrong time mean you are likely to feel anxious. If you eat energy boosting foods then you may not sleep well, thus causing anxiety the next day. There is nothing worse than a disrupted sleeping pattern for many people.

When should I eat to avoid becoming anxious?

This is a tough one as it depends on you. It also depends on what you are eating and what is making you anxious. There are no definitive foods that give you anxiety. The symptoms of intolerance come about from many different things. Healthy Food Reviews will do our best to provide some advice though.

If you feel anxiety because you are ashamed of your body, then perhaps the timing of when you eat can have more of an effect. If it is a bloated stomach that is causing you anxiety, then you will want to eat at a good time. You should not eat just before bedtime. Otherwise, the food sits in your belly. When you sleep, you don’t burn any calories. This is why you might gain weight as a result of when you eat. Feeling bloated and fat can cause people to feel anxious. This is an example of when foods can give you anxiety, but not as a direct result. The wrong foods can cause other symptoms which result in anxiety, such as diarrhoea and a bloated stomach.

Are there foods to stop you feeling anxious?

Additionally, you can eat at the right time, not only at the wrong time. Eating foods that give you energy before a run is a good idea for example. Foods like pasta fill you up with energy and then you burn it off. This is good food for relieving stress for many reasons. Not only does it give you an energy boost as well as a metabolism boost, but the exercise you do can also certainly help your mental health.

Ultimately, what we are saying is that there are some foods that give you anxiety indirectly, but it is usually becoming of the other symptoms they cause, which means you get anxious. Feeling bloated and fat can often lead to anxiety and depression. So be careful about which foods you are eating. You can eat foods to gain weight and eventually lose it though. Foods that help you with exercise actually can help to alleviate anxiety.

Going on a cleanse

Going on a juice cleanse could actually help you to relieve stress. In so many ways, juicing is pretty much the opposite of consuming junk food. It doesn’t cause you stress and anxiety, it actually helps to alleviate it sometimes. So, do juices contain foods that give you anxiety?

In short, no. There are many juice cleanses out there but most are good for you. They will help to lower the cortisol levels in your body. This reduces anxiety and depression in people. We do live in stressful times, particularly now, Healthy Food Reviews tried a juice cleanse when trying to lose weight in lockdown. In such an intense time, we do need something to relieve stress. Whilst exercise helps, going on a cleanse does help.

So are there foods that give you anxiety?

In short, no, there are not foods that give you anxiety directly. There are foods though, that cause stress and anxiety through other symptoms. Feeling fat, bloated and having diarrhoea often causes anxiety, and why wouldn’t it? So, just make sure you monitor your intolerance symptoms to avoid your diet causing you greater stress.

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