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5 Best Weight Loss Exercises To Do At Home

With the gyms shut down and not likely to be back for a while, Healthy Food Reviews went in search of finding the 5 best weight loss exercises to do at home. Alongside a healthy diet, exercise is important. Whilst abs and core muscles are made in the kitchen, other muscles require exercises. Running and other types of cardio like walking and cycling help. Cardio is especially important to work on your core muscles. Effectively, eat the right foods and do the right weight loss exercises. This will help anyone on their weight loss journey, including Healthy Food Reviews. Below are what Healthy Food Reviews believe are 5 of the best weight loss exercises to do at home.

1) Press-Ups

Press-ups don’t just build arm muscles. They help to build up the pectoral muscles. Whilst doing this and building muscle strength, you are burning fat. A lot of people turn to weight loss because they want to look good. They also want to feel in shape. Press-ups work most parts of your body. They also act as the perfect warm-up before your other exercises. Even the NHS get involved in promoting press-ups. They are often part of the toning 10-minute workout. Alongside planking and sit-ups, press-ups can give you the body confidence you are looking for. More importantly, they help to get the juices flowing and gear you up for a workout. March 2020 saw Healthy Food Reviews embark on a weight loss journey. It also saw us seek out the best weight loss exercises and press-ups are now part of the daily routine.

2) Jogging or Running

Coming in below press-ups but above walking, Healthy Food Reviews list jogging and running as a great weight loss exercise. Now, we are keen runners. More so than walking, and we’ll explain that in a bit. Starting off as a jogger, as most people do, we turned to run. This is because running is great cardio. It really gets the juices flowing and can have a great after effect on mental health. It also contributes to weight loss, which is the point.

Of all the best weight loss exercises to do at home, running can be the most rewarding. It gives you fresh air and also a sense of some normality. You can also decide the distances yourself. Of course, the longer you run, the better it is for you. However, even short sprints will help you to lose weight. After a quick warm-up routine and a pre-exercise diet meal, you’ll be in prime shape. At first, it might seem hard, but the fitter you get, the more weight you lose. You know your body best. Try not to overdo it, but also make sure you are putting some effort in, or you may as well walk. A lot of fitness gurus used to say, sweat is just fat crying. This is still true. When you run, you are likely to swear and lose weight.

3) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Weight Loss Exercises To Do At Home

To lose weight, even at home, comes down to calories, healthy diets and regular movement. So, if weight loss is your goal and you are stuck at home, follow these tips. Especially this one. Yep, HIIT sessions are perfect weight loss exercises to do at home. You can achieve weight loss without even leaving your home. A HIIT session will make you sweat, burn fat and use muscles you did not know you had. The muscle soreness when you start out will certainly help to increase your heart rate. By using the right equipment you can also build strength. Alongside press-ups and running, this is a good way to shock your body.

If you are a regular reader of Healthy Food Reviews, you will know we are keen admirers of Joe Wicks. His HIIT sessions help us to use muscles we never knew we had. Hamstrings, glutes and thighs are all monitored in these exercises. You will sweat, burn calories and most importantly lose weight. It also helps to know you are not alone. He is the nation’s PE teacher and not only that, his exercises help to achieve weight loss from the comfort of your own home.

4) Walking Locally Or Take The Stairs

The reason we have walking so low on the list is that it is time-consuming. It is actually very good for you, but not everyone likes it. In fact, Healthy Food Reviews ran a poll on its Facebook page and found that most readers prefer running to walking. With government advice currently stating you have to exercise locally, walking is definitely a good option. It can be boring and feel like the same thing, but it gets you some fresh air.

If you have a garden and have a step goal of 10,000 a day, this is a good thing to try. Walk around your garden to get some exercise. All of this exercise indoors contributes to weight loss. If you want to lose weight by exercising at home, you can also walk up and down the stairs. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this was quite fun to do in a block of flats. Though now, this would be frowned upon. If you live in your own home, then walking up and down the stairs is great exercise. Yes, it seems boring but it certainly helps. It can get the juices flowing. It can also help towards your step goal, your calorie goal, and your standing goal!

5) Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands certainly help if you are looking to exercise indoors and lose weight. Done in your bedroom or living room, these exercises help to burn calories and tone your body. Your shoulder muscles and biceps certainly get a good workout. So, turn the music on, or even put your favourite TV show on. Healthy Food Reviews often exercise indoors whilst watching a TV show. This means you can put full effort into a workout such as resistance bands, whilst also enjoying it. Go to your local store and find some. You can then attach them to your doors and work on your shoulders.

There are so many exercises which you can do with resistance bands indoors. Importantly, they also contribute to weight loss and fat burning. Your body will use muscles and fat you didn’t even know existed. With resistance bands, you don’t have to force anything either. It is literally you against the bands. They are number 5 on the list only because you have to buy the equipment, which not everybody wants to do. Try them out though and let us know what you think.

Best Weight Loss Exercises To Do At Home

Ultimately, we can all sit there and say we want to do more to lose weight. Additionally, however, there are also so many excuses people to find not to exercise. Yes, the gyms maybe shut and you can’t travel too far but you are permitted to one exercise a day outdoors. Exercising indoors is also doable. It is not all about wieght loss but obviously it helps. It does help with mental health to feel the outside air. Furthermore, if weight was your goal you can just find healthy recipes and follow a healthy diet. That’s why Healthy Food Reviews was born. We have also, however, learned more about what exercising can do to help shape and tone your body.

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