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Vegan Sausage Rolls – Any Good?

Plant-based foods are all the rage right now. A lot of people are turning to veganism and eating vegan foods because they want to lose weight. They also want to be healthier. Remember the fanfare when Greggs released a vegan sausage roll? A lot of people (including us), weren’t sure how nice it would be. We grew up on the high street with sausage rolls coming from Greggs. How could we suddenly try something different? Well, Healthy Food Reviews decided to expand its horizons. One day, when legally allowed, we tried a vegan sausage roll. Below we have put into words just how nice it was, and why some vegan foods and diets are not the worst thing in the world. Check out our review of vegan sausage rolls below.

Does a vegan sausage roll taste the same?

This is the first question everyone asks. At Healthy Food Reviews, it was on our mind as well. So we wanted to try it. We wanted to give an honest opinion to the public. Don’t get us wrong, we are not vegan and have not started a vegan diet. But it is important to know that we could eat vegan foods. That’s the importance of this vegan sausage rolls review. You don’t have to go vegan or vegetarian, but giving meat for one, two days a week could really help you.

So, in answer to the question, does a vegan sausage roll taste the same as a normal one? It does taste similar. We won’t lie, it does not taste exactly the same. You would know if you are eating a vegan sausage roll or a normal one. However, this does not mean it does not taste any worse. Like vegan foods, it’s not caked in oil. So you won’t get that greasy feeling you do get from a normal meal. Interestingly, one of the major benefits we would see of a vegan sausage roll, aside from it being part of a low-calorie diet, is consumption. You could probably eat two vegan sausage rolls and it would fill you up. With meat sausage rolls, we are usually full after eating one.

Vegan Foods as a part of a low calorie diet

Perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of a vegan or veggie diet is that it is low in calories. But that’s not what this vegan sausage roll review is about. Nope, we are reviewing the taste. You still get the same crumble of pastry when you take that first bite. In fact, it just looks exactly the same. At Healthy Food Reviews, we really did not notice a difference. There is a lack of grease but this is a very good meat substitute. The one lesson we definitely learned from going vegan is that you should not knock it until you try it.

What’s in it?

Since Greggs introduced the vegan sausage roll, there was absolute fanfare but also a lot of sceptics. How could someone create a meat alternative that is exactly the same? It can’t be done. Well, it can be done (nearly!). Like we said, our vegan sausage roll review is that it tastes similar. It doesn’t taste exactly the same. You would need to be on the lookout though. One of your friends may have even slipped you a vegan version and you wouldn’t have known it.

When Greggs released the vegan sausage roll, they described it as being vegan-friendly. It was designed to mirror the classic features of a sausage roll. Like we mentioned with the pastry etc, that part is true. With the pastry though, they warp it around their own bespoke Quorn filling. This is how they did it. If you haven’t tried it, you do need to. It might change your outlook on vegan-friendly food!

Our Vegan Sausage Rolls Review

Ultimately, as you probably guessed, Healthy Food Reviews are big fans of the vegan sausage roll. Coming from Greggs and other suppliers, we do recommend it. Especially if you are looking to cut meat out of your diet once or twice a week. It will help with your low-calorie diet and ambitious running plans. Try not to eat too much and it could be a good carb booster. It would certainly be better than scoffing on greasy foods such as oil cooked sausage rolls. There are no animals harmed. It won’t make you feel sluggish. Go try it yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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