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Vegan-Friendly Recipe – Cheesecake Review

Fancy a vegan-friendly recipe to consume after your dinner? Satisfy those sweet treat cravings with this beautiful and delicious healthy cheesecake. It’s the weekend! That means one thing. Healthy Food Reviews have been indulging in some weekend treats! Don’t worry though, they’ve still been healthy. In fact, this week it was actually vegan-friendly cheesecake. This vegan-friendly recipe should definitely put a smile on your face after you tuck into this dessert. Post dinner cravings will be a thing of the past when you know this is on the menu. If you’ve read up on any of our other healthy recipes, you’ll know we like to add raspberries into our recipes!

Vegan Friendly Recipe – Your Weekend Treat

When you think of cheesecake you don’t normally think of a healthy recipe. Well, this is different. It is a unique cheesecake recipe, which, wait for it… is dairy-free! So whether you are vegan or simply have a dairy intolerance, this can be on your evening menu! In fact, this recipe excludes almost all of the common food allergens and potential food intolerance items. It does, however, include nuts. (Be careful). Below we explain what is included in this vegan-friendly recipe, and also explain why Healthy Food Reviews fell in love with it.

Healthy Foods Included

Remember, this is a dairy-free recipe. It does have a cocoa base which includes nuts, but that is down to personal preference. To prepare for this fabulous dessert, however, you can nip to your local supermarket. When walking down the aisle, you need to tick off the vegan base first. Head for the walnuts. Remember, if you have an allergy to walnuts then you should definitely avoid these. Symptoms of an allergy are life-threatening, so we do need to repeat, do not include walnuts if you have an allergy or intolerance. They are not an essential item.

But, if you are free to eat walnuts, you need about 110g worth, so do make sure you have some scales at home. Dates are also included, about double the amount of walnuts (280g). You will then need 30g of cocoa powder. This does not contain dairy and is part of a vegan-friendly recipe. You can then add a pinch of salt to ensure you enjoy the flavour.

Add some Raspberries

Next, to ensure this vegan-friendly recipe has some proper flavour, Healthy Food Reviews opted for a raspberry twist. To be honest, on this, it definitely depends on how strong you want the flavour to be. The standard recommendation is 125g of raspberries, but some of us like to double it. Yes, that’s right, some of our friends adore raspberries. They go the full hog and add the full box of raspberries. You can add the vegan-friendly healthy extra that is maple syrup. You should add around 1 tablespoon of maple syrup to this recipe.

Now we get to the cheesecake filling 😍

This is the important bit and what everyone looks forward to. The cheesecake filling! We’re back in the supermarkets walking down the aisle. It’s time to find 300g worth of raw cashews. This bit is important to note! You need to get the cashews the night before. You then need to soak them overnight. The water is then drained and the cashews rinsed again. Freshly rinsed cashews! Yes, they really are that good and are pivotal. Of course, it will be disappointing if have a nut allergy or food intolerance to nuts.

You then need to ensure that you have 230g of coconut cream at the ready. See? This is where the Healthy Food Reviews flavour really comes into it! With six tablespoons of coconut oil and extracted lemon juice. Additionally, there are more flavours still to come. To go alongside the maple syrup we added earlier, Healthy Food Reviews added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and also 350g of brown rice syrup.

Healthy Recipes, Healthy Extras all in a Vegan-Friendly Recipe

Healthy Food Reviews was built on the premise of trying out healthy recipes and reviewing them. We would then add the recipes to hear whilst writing our review on the blog. Well for this vegan-friendly recipe, we decided to write the blog and healthy recipe all in one!

To get started, make sure you have a baking tray ready alongside some baking paper. From there, you’ll add the first part of the cheesecake base. You will need to add walnuts, cocoa powders, the dates and also that pinch of salt in a blender. Mix it or pulse (either electronically or by hand), until it forms a sort of dough. Any cheesecake connoisseur should know what they are looking for with this. What you then need to do is use your sanitised fingers to press the dough evenly to ensure it fits on the baking tray on an even level.

Break up your vegan friendly recipe

Then pop the tray into the fridge at a cool temperature. This is where you get to prepare the cheesecake filling. No matter how many raspberries you want, it is now time to add the maple syrup and quantity of raspberries into a saucepan. Like you would with any cake making, you then need to cook on medium heat for roughly 2-3 minutes. This forms it into a syrup especially as you are stirring it in with the raspberries. Turn it down after around 3 minutes and leave it to set.

After you’ve cleaned your blender, you then need to blend the freshly rinsed cashews which have been soaking overnight. Whilst blending, you should add the coconut cream, coconut oil, brown rice syrup, lemon zest and lemon juice all together. It should smooth out and turn into a cream. With your baking tray ready, pour the smooth cheesecake mixture into a baking tray.

Add the healthy extras

Remember those raspberries we added earlier in the method, well now, you’ll add that raspberry sauce on top of the mixture. Your vegan-friendly cheesecake is now starting to take shape. Now it is all about style. You can grab a knife and make your own swirls in your layers of cheesecake.

Finally, place your cheesecake layers and sauces in the freezer. It shouldn’t need to be done overnight but should take between 2 and 4 hours. This firms it up and gives you that crunchy dessert texture we all love so much. Finally, you are there! Satisfy those cravings and here we go!

Healthy Food Reviews conclusion

Well, this would certainly equal a high 7/10 on the healthy food reviews scale. Not quite as healthy as it could be, this dessert is vegan friendly and appeals to most people. It is certainly recommended that this can be added as a healthy extra, but only after a day of eating light.

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