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Trying Veggie Bacon

Looking for meat alternatives? Thinking about trying veggie bacon? Here is what we thought about it at Healthy Food Reviews when we tried it for ourselves.

Thinking about trying veggie bacon

If you are thinking about trying veggie bacon, you do need to build up to it. As we have mentioned in previous blogs about going vegetarian and vegan blogs, it can be hard to give up meat. You do need to build up the courage sometimes. Plus, you probably need a bit of willpower. A lot of people turn to a vegan diet because they want to be healthy. It is especially common around the start of the year. One of the most common New Year Resolutions is going on a vegetarian diet. A lot of people try it for a month also. But if you were to ask someone what they don’t think they could give up, it would certainly be bacon. A bacon sandwich after a hangover just does the trick too much to give it up.

At Healthy Food Reviews, we thought the same. But once bacon sandwich too many and stepping on the scales meant we thought about trying veggie bacon. Honestly, the result was that it is not as bad as we thought it would be. Similar to a vegetarian kebab, it is minus the grease. Other than that, you don’t know the difference.

Trying other sorts of healthy foods

Giving up meat does not mean you have to go fully vegan or vegetarian. Even professional rugby players and other sportsmen recommend giving up meat once or twice a day. It stops symptoms of intolerance like bloating and other intolerance symptoms. If you eat too much meat, it can cause you concern. So do consider switching it out. We have plenty of meat-free recipes. You do not have to worry about losing out on the potential protein as supermarkets and other health gurus ensure that there are plenty of healthy recipes to get your protein fix.

Healthy Food Reviews even supply plenty of meals that provide your diet full of carbohydrates and protein. That is why we had no qualms about trying veggie bacon. We knew the recipes we had would still give us enough protein. In a world of healthy diets and healthy recipes, it was important for us to get a balance right. We wanted to continue running and build muscle through indoor exercise. That is why we had to source meat alternatives for our meals. Trying veggie bacon and other healthy foods really opened our eyes. Effectively, what we are saying is that you don’t need to shy away from trying new foods.

Our Honest Review of Veggie Bacon

Okay, so this is an honest review. We won’t name the brand or the recommendation so you know its an honest review. But we absolutely loved it. It has not made us go full vegetarian or vegan. Healthy Food Reviews are most likely to still slip and devour the odd bacon sandwich on a Saturday morning, but at least we have now found our meat alternative. It is still a delightful taste when it hits the tongue. You don’t even need ketchup or other sauces. And like we mentioned earlier, there is not as much grease and oil which makes it more healthy.

The only critique we would have is that it can be slightly dry, meaning it won’t be for everyone. Some people find the thought of veggie bacon too much to handle. However, there is really not too much to worry about. Make it a part of your healthy and balanced diet. Here’s what Healthy Food Reviews thought, so why not give it a go. Take a look around all supermarkets if you are thinking of trying veggie bacon.

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