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Trying to lose weight in lockdown

What foods have we eaten when trying to lose weight in lockdown? We’ve let you know what we tried below. Combined, we’ve lost two stone over the two and a half month period, but we did it healthily. We must say from the start, this weight loss plan worked for us when trying to lose weight in lockdown, but may not work for you. Everyone is different. This is not a medical opinion and you will not lose weight necessarily by trying this diet. It worked for us and we found these recipes and meals to be ridiculously tasty, so Healthy Food Reviews thought we would share what we did.

Trying to lose weight during lockdown – The Where.

On a new build estate in the midlands of England, we decided it was time to get back into shape. We needed a project during lockdown. Coronavirus was sweeping through the country and our normal exercise routines and eating habits were being drastically altered. Here’s what we did when we were trying to lose weight during lockdown.

Using our mandated one hour of exercise, walking down the local canal was perfect for us. We managed to do this daily and mixed up the time of the day we did it to ensure we surprised our bodies. An hour a day kept the fat building away. But it wasn’t enough to help us lose weight, we needed to eat right as well. Using some of the Slimming World recipes we were given through membership, and also finding bargain treats, we kicked the weight gain into touch.

In all supermarkets, if you are calorie counting, there are so many treats still on offer. We’ve discussed the fibre one brownies and we’ve discussed the skinny syrups. We’ve discussed the gluten-free meals. Now we are mixing it all up together and talking you through exactly what we did.

Meal Plan – Essential part of Healthy Food Reviews strategy

Chicken soup helped us when trying to lose weight during lockdown

When finding the right healthy recipes, you need to plan. You need to be #onplan all the time in all assets of your regime. You need to exercise correctly. For us, Healthy Food Reviews needed a routine. We had an exact meal plan of what we were eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. This was done before our weekly shop so we knew exactly what we needed from the supermarket. There was no wastage. We allocated treats, sweets and even Zero-branded fizzy drinks.

People like spontaneity and so does your body. But sometimes to follow a diet, you need a strict regime. This is what we did. Open our fridge and cupboards and we knew exactly what we could have and when. This may sound obsessive, but eventually, you get in a routine and train both your body and mind to eat healthily.

Join a community

At Healthy Food Reviews, we knew we would need support. No matter how strict you are, if you are on your own you may slip. We found a host of people trying similar recipes and diets and so we felt at ease. This is what this is all about. If you are starting a new diet, you will have to try new things. But you do want to learn from others about what the best foods are to try. If you see a community rating a food 0/10 and there are over 3000 reviews, you’re not going to add it to your diet, are you?

Being part of a healthy food and clean eating community allows you to encourage each other. We saw a wide-range of people doing their own exercises at home and out and about. Strava allowed us to see other people running, walking and boxing. We did the same. Aligned with a healthy and clean diet, the exercise community helped us both mentally and physically.

Eating healthy food

Trying to lose weight during lockdown helps if you have these in your fridge.

This was actually the easiest part and the inspiration behind this page. Although we were trying to lose weight during lockdown, we also had the long-term goals of eating healthily. Burning fat through exercise is not always a long-term solution. If you are a keen runner in the summer months and the weight is falling off, this is always good. BUT, if it starts to rain and you’re still munching on junk food and processed meals, then you’ll continue to gain weight when you stop exercising.

Some of our favourite solutions when trying to lose weight during lockdown include Cheeseburger pasta, Cheesy Garlic Pasta, Porridge with Skinny Food Co Syrup, and of course the fibre one brownies, which we cannot stop talking about! We’ll keep adding to the list as it comes so make sure you check out our blog page here.

Competition Time

Ultimately, as Healthy Food Reviews share all this information we also want to give back to the community of healthy eating and clean diets. We want to give back to the community. That’s why on our Instagram page we are offering a £20 M&S voucher to one lucky follower once we have reached 100 followers on our page. The process to enter is on our grid and we hope that you all get involved with your friends. If you are trying to lose weight during the lockdown and after it, then this could be a great start. Tell your friends, tell your family and tell us what your favourite healthy meal. And also follow us on Instagram, that bit is quite important.

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