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Trying Skinny Food Co Syrup – What can I add it to?

If you are looking to try Skinny Food Co Syrup to sweeten up your day, then you need to go direct to the source (pun intended). The Skinny Food Company have certainly saved us on our weight loss journey during the national lockdowns. Read more about what we thought of the delicious and flavoured syrups below.

Adapting to a healthy diet with healthy extras

Adapting to a new diet is not easy. Whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight, introducing new foods to your diet is difficult. You may find it hard to get out of your routine. Fortunately, with healthy extras like flavoured Skinny Food Co Syrup, this new healthy diet was made much easier. As mentioned earlier, Healthy Food Reviews introduced porridge to give themselves a proper kickstart in the morning. It became part of our daily routine. The thing is, we did not like porridge so much at the start. What made it enticing to us was adding chocolate skinny syrup from the Skinny Food Co to the porridge. It was actually so nice.

The thing is, you must be wondering, how can syrup be healthy? Well, the name is kind of a giveaway but its not just the fact that it is low in calories which is enticing to us. It can be difficult to find something to really sweeten up your day, but this does really take the biscuit!

Where can I get Skinny Food Co Syrup?

Go straight to the company itself. Availability and stock are there both online and offline. Obviously, in the circumstances, it would be recommended to do your skinny syrup shopping online. But when things are back to normal (hopefully soon) you could pop to the Skinny Food Co shop, located in Nottinghamshire. Recommended by Slimming World, you can add whichever flavour syrup you want to your porridge. Our favourite Skinny Food Co syrup flavour was chocolate, but there are so many options!

So, we can now hear you asking about the benefits of this syrup. Well, they are low in calories and are considered to be a healthy extra. This means if you are on a diet similar to Slimming World or WW, these healthy extras should be a valuable part of your new diet. What’s more, whether you are a vegan or vegetarian, it should also be suitable for you!

What other foods can I add the skinny syrup to?

Brownies. Again, we know what you are thinking now. Why is a site called Healthy Food Reviews recommending syrup and brownies as part of a healthy diet? That is an understandable question. It is a skinny syrup. And they are also Active Brownies. That makes it slightly better. Furthermore, you can actually add the syrup to the brownies. We are entering delicious heaven territory now, aren’t we? Brownies and chocolate syrup as part of your healthy diet! The Active Fibre One Brownies are also low in calories and are known as the perfect snack. They naturally come with beautiful flavours and a lovely texture. Just as a brownie should!

Here is a recommendation on healthy brownies if you want to have a go yourself at making a brownie. You can add the skinny syrup to it as well if you want! But ultimately, you can’t go wrong with Skinny Food Co syrup and Fibre One Brownies if you are still on a healthy diet. The major advantage of both these snacks is that there is such a wide variety of flavours also! You can try a birthday cake brownie with chocolate syrup. Or you can opt for a chocolate brownie with vanilla syrup. Both options sound delicious, don’t they?!

So, should you try the syrup from Skinny Food Co?

Ultimately, the point of this article from our point of view is to explain that there are plenty of healthy extra foods out there if you look for them. A new and improved healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to cut everything out. Lots of people won’t take up a diet because it means they can’t eat anything with flavour… These two options prove you can!

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