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Trying New Foods: Here’s What You Need To Know

Trying new foods can be difficult for some people. Everyone’s taste buds are different and sometimes it can be a past experience that will put someone off trying new foods. Take Healthy Food Reviews for example. There was a time when we were younger and one of us took a bite of scampi. It was so long ago but honestly, for five or six years, there was no motivation to consume scampi again. We won’t go into detail because we do not want you to be put off but it didn’t look appetising. The point of the first paragraph was though to simply explain how easy it is to go off food. It also took a lot of willpower to build up the courage and try some new foods again. Here’s what we did when we knew we were starting to try a healthy diet.

What we did when trying new foods

Obviously, weight loss was a goal of the new healthy regime. Whilst we were exercising and working out, we also knew we needed to eat better as well. The thing is, some of the recipes and ingredients were stuff that we knew we would not necessarily like. In fact, butternut squash was one particular ingredient. That took a lot of time to get used to. This is mainly because of something that happened to us a few years ago. Like with scampi, there was one particular bad ‘batch’ of butternut squash. It put us off for a while. It could have been because our taste buds were not developed of course. However, it did not look appetising.

So, when scrolling through recipe books and looking at trying new foods, there was a bit of suspense when butternut squash would come up time and time again. But we are older now. So, we looked to improvise. That’s the most important thing about trying new recipes, you need to be able to improvise. Mixing butternut squash into a Gnocchi dish was one example. It was one of the best decisions Healthy Food Reviews made as butternut squash was used as an alternative to high-fat carbohydrates in our recipes. The main takeaway from this point was to learn that you can improvise with your foods and that is the best way to continue to include healthy foods in your meals.

How did we do it?

Well, we gave away a little secret in the last paragraph but there are also a few more things you can do to ensure that you can try healthy new foods. If you know the ingredients that are in your meal, then obviously you should try the recipe as it is. But this is more important for those who are looking at meals which contain ingredients that they don’t like. Butternut squash was one example but there was also sweet potato fries and other foods.

Sweet potato fries were one alternative that we looked for instead of the oven and greasy chips. Now, sweet potato fries were something that we wouldn’t eat. But we found sweet chilli sauce and this made it so much easier to consume them. So, you don’t have to mix up the recipes, you can just add a bit of flavouring. Try to find sauces with limited calories. They are out there. It’s a similar way to when we tried skinny sauce and porridge, it all works in the same way.

Why new foods can actually be exciting?

New foods can actually be exciting to try. It’s about having a bit of courage. This is not so much about advice but looking at it from a different perspective. Even though there are some new food items which have not been in our past, it is still a new thing for you to try. If we were to give any advice it would definitely be to try things little by little. For example, don’t go sitting there cooking a massive meal when you’ve not tried any of the ingredients before. There is nothing worse in our eyes than leftover meals. That’s why we tried it little by little. (Had to slip in a bit of Oasis there!)

For more advice and reviews on trying new foods, check out the Healthy Food Reviews blog.

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