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Trying the Keto Diet – What we thought

Needing to keep yourself entertained during the lockdown of coronavirus? We’ve got some targets and goals that we set ourselves. We had a brief flirtation with the Keto Diet. See what you think below of how we achieved 2 stone in weight loss by identifying the right healthy recipes, healthy foods and healthy ingredients. It went so well and we fell in love with what we were doing that we started Healthy Food Reviews as a way of sharing our appreciation of all things green and lean!

Keto Diet – Did we try it?

To really feel the true benefits of a dedicated diet, you probably need to try it a bit longer than we did with the Keto Diet. As you can see from our healthy recipes page and also our blogs and reviews of other healthy recipes, we varied what we ate and when. Shocking our body was important. This is one of the most interesting things about the Keto Diet. In all honesty, we tried it for a week. Despite trying our best, we couldn’t hack it. But we’ve seen some amazing reviews about it and it definitely does work for some, if not for all. Maybe we lacked the dedication, maybe our taste buds weren’t right for it. We don’t know, but like with everything else, Healthy Food Reviews gave it a try.

Celebrities on the Diet

Keto Diet - Healthy Food Reviews

At the start of lockdown, we were running, exercising and looking forward to weight loss. Almost everywhere, celebrities were either shaving their heads or trying new diets to maximise weight loss. Everything was different. You could not just try and do what you normally did. But most celebs were successful in losing weight through a healthy diet.

What is more important in the eyes of Healthy Food Reviews is eating healthily, not so much losing weight. That is an added benefit of eating healthily. But we did try the Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet for short) as it was low in carbs and also had low to moderate amounts of protein held within. It does contain a lot of healthy fat though. It was the lack of carbs that did it for us. We were searching for healthy recipes all over the shop, but couldn’t find many without carbs. The idea of the Keto Diet is to shock your body and help it to not be so reliant on carbs. It tries to flick the switch for you, and make your body rely on fats and acids. This can help with weight loss and allows you to feel less bloated.

Do you benefit from the Keto Diet?

When looking for the right weight loss diet, most people may head straight for the Keto diet. At Healthy Food Reviews, the idea was to feel mentally healthy as well as physically. We tried a load of healthy recipes and decided to review them, and some of the recipes we tried were part of the Keto Diet. So yeah, what we are saying is that we tried meals that were acceptable as part of the Keto Diet… but we didn’t go the full hog.

We still experienced weight loss and with a bit more will power, we may well have tried the whole diet. BUT, we wanted to be varied and not pigeon hole ourselves. Having grown our Instagram page and joined part of the healthy recipe, healthy diet and healthy foods community, Healthy Food Reviews have seen a lot of evidence as to how well the Keto Diet works.

Would Healthy Food Reviews follow the Diet?

The honest answer, yes we would! It is difficult to follow as many advise, but the healthy recipes and healthy meals were incredibly tasty. We’ve seen through the community how beneficial this would be if we had gone the whole way, but Healthy Food Reviews were trying so many recipes!

Follow the tags below on the Healthy Food Reviews blog page, and learn exactly what diets we tried!

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