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Why you need to test your food intolerance to help with weight loss

Okay, first of all, we are starting with a disclaimer. Food intolerance testing does not mean you will lose weight. It can certainly help with weight loss, but it isn’t the holy grail. We are only commenting on it because we have tried it ourselves. It certainly helped us to understand our body more and aided us on our weight loss journey. It is not an exact science and won’t always work for you. So, below in this article is all about how to test your food intolerance and ensure you are in good shape both mentally and physically.

Why you should test your food intolerance

If you are experiencing symptoms of intolerance then you need to test your food intolerance. Symptoms include fatigue, bloating of the stomach and headaches. These will all have a detrimental effect on your weight loss journey. So if losing weight is your main aim for 2021, it is best to understand the impact that your diet is having on your body. A healthy diet may not be the best for your body. Of course, we’re not saying junk food will be good for you, but you need to choose the right types of healthy food.

Food intolerances come about because you eat too much of the same food. For example, eating eight bananas a day for two weeks will probably cause your havoc with your symptoms. You may be bloated every time you eat a banana. This will stop you exercising indoors and outdoors, as it will be painful. The symptoms of fatigue and anxiety can also affect your exercise routine. So, you will need to be careful about what you are eating in order to ensure you are in good mental and physical shape.

What are the symptoms of food intolerances?

Of course, you know your body better than anyone else. So, you might be thinking you don’t need a food intolerance test. You probably suspect which foods are causing you issues. At Healthy Food Reviews, it is all about kebabs. This sounds obvious, and means we just need to avoid donner and chicken kebabs, right? Well, not exactly. As explained here, the symptoms of food intolerance are not pleasant. Diarrhoea, bloating and fatigue can have a real impact on our exercise routines. Personally, food intolerance has wreak havoc for us personally, and mentally. But, why do you need to test your food intolerance? Well, we know we experience symptoms of an intolerance every time we have a kebab. However, what is it about the kebab that causes us to have these ill-effects? Read more and find out…

Kebab and Chip Shop takeaways are well known to not be healthy. They contain a host of artifical ingredients. So which is it that causes us to experience a bloated stomach? For personal reasons, Healthy Food Reviews will not tell you the results of our food intolerance tests. What we can tell you is that not only do we have to cut kebabs out of our diet, we need to cut out plenty of other ingredients.

Reading your food intolerance test report and how it affects your life

So, reading the intolerance test report was eye opening. It meant we had to remove a host of ingredients from our healthy diet plan. It gave a bit more information than just what ingredients were causing our intolerance symptoms though. This part is the most important reason as to why you should test your food intolerance. It told us how to cope with a bloated stomach but also provided food alternatives. These alternatives certainly gave us the information we required to ensure we could keep up our exercise routines.

Essentially, Healthy Food Reviews are just trying to emphasise how important it is to know your body. With the country again being in national lockdown, exercise routines are very important. The last thing you need is your healthy diet to be causing havoc in your routine. You may feel as fit as a fiddle and want to get out on the bicycle or continue running, but your lunch could cause you to feel the ill effects.

Imagine this, you are about to set off on a 10K run. That ever-elusive personal best is really on your mind. Suddenly, after a quick start which keeps you on track for that PB, your stomach begins to feel uneasy. It begins to expand and you begin to bloat halfway through your run. Imagine how uncomfortable that would be? It would also be soul-destroying as you were on track to run the fastest you had ever run. That, right there, is why it is important to test your food intolerance.

Could food intolerances be impacting your running?

Probably. You might not be able to keep up your exercise routine because of something in what you thought was a healthy diet. It might not be the food though! Yes, here we go again, discussing caffeine. Seriously though, no one ever suspects that caffeine could be causing you to feel sluggish. Is it not meant to have an adverse effect? Yes, it should. But a caffeine intolerance can actually lead to you feeling even worse. We will say it one more time: Too much coffee can lead to a caffeine intolerance.

A lot of people will opt for an espresso or a black coffee before beginning your exercise. This is because they want to give themselves that boost and run fast. But if you are trying this and you are feeling sluggish or bloating, then could it be a caffeine intolerance that is ruining your exercise routine? So, don’t just test your food intolerance to see if it is what you are eating that is having an adverse effect, it could actually be the caffeine!

If you have been able to test your intolerance and are now looking for alternative healthy foods, check out our page. Healthy Food Reviews provides experiences of eating healthily on our blog page. Additionally, we provide healthy recipes to help you develop a more consistent and healthy food diet.

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