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When to test for food intolerances

Not losing weight? Test for food intolerances

People who aren’t losing weight and are feeling down. This is despite eating healthily. They often think they need a test for food intolerances. Read more about why people use food intolerance tests to re-evaluate their diet below.

Healthy Foods don’t automatically mean weight loss

A balanced and healthy diet consisting purely of healthy foods does not mean you will automatically lose weight. At Healthy Food Reviews, this has consistently been the mantra. Although healthy foods will help your weight loss, it’s not 100% guaranteed. Since lockdown started in March, the team have been developing their methods. They have been scouring the internet to find healthy recipes. These are often found on sites like BBC Good Food and Pinch of Nom (the book is recommended!) but the reviews are written through opinion and no recipes are our own.

All these healthy recipes are low calorie foods though. Why does this matter? Well, if you are exercising properly and also eating low calorie foods then actually lack of weight loss is a concern. This could be the direct result of food intolerance. It is important not to fall into the trap of thinking you will lose a lot of weight straight away. The only time you ever need to be concerned is if you are eating a balanced and healthy diet but still gaining weight. So, you have cut out junk food and all snacks etc. This is when you might need to test for a food intolerance. The symptoms of food intolerances are very common but bloating and lack of weight loss is included. A test for food intolerances should be able to tell you which foods are holding you back in your weight loss journey.

When to test for food intolerances

A test for food intolerances is not always necessary. With an increase in healthy recipes and healthy foods, you can vary your diet enough to locate the offedning item. However, a test for food intolerances is a quick and easy way to start a healthy diet. If a certain food is making you unwell, it can lead to symptoms of intolerance. This happens regardless if it is a healthy food or not.

Let’s discuss an example. Many people consider broccoli to be healthy food and include it in healthy recipes. However, if you have broccoli all day, every day, you develop a food intolerance. Yes, you can develop an intolerance to vegetables. The symptoms of intolerances come about from eating too much of the same ingredient. By doing this, you can trigger a number of symptoms of intolerances. Symptoms include headaches, bloating, skin rashes and bowel issues. What makes it hard to detect manually is that these symptoms of food intolerance can occur up to 72 hours later. This is why a person struggling with symptoms would consider a test for food intolerances.

How reliable is a test for food intolerances

To help identify which food is a problem, you can opt for a test for food intolerances. There has been enough preaching on Healthy Food Reviews about which foods to eat and which recipes are good, but not enough about knowing your body. It is tried to be demonstrated that healthy foods and recipes will not directly lead to weight loss. You should read more about food intolerances in some of our Healthy Food Reviews blogs, but for now, check out the newest healthy recipe.

New Healthy Recipes

That’s enough about a test for food intolerances. Tonight is all about Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya. This is what Healthy Food Reviews had tonight courtesy of Two Chubby Cubs. Honestly, for a Saturday night meal, this is one of the best things Healthy Food Reviews have had for ages. Proper food envy! It will be added to the healthy recipes page with full credit to Two Chubby Cubs but you really need to try it!

A low calorie meal and easy to make, this has become top of the list. All mixed into one pot, your household will be delighted to hear the words: minimal washing up! It is also described on their site as being low in syns for anyone on a Slimming World diet, and even the amateur chefs can get stuck in.

Keep an eye out for when we add this fully credited Recipe to our healthy recipes page.

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