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Even though we are primarily a food review blog, we are also talking about being healthy. Exercising is an integral part of motivating yourself to keep slim. If weight loss is a target, then exercise is your market. Healthy Food Reviews have tried to exercise ourselves to keep us mentally fit as well as physically fit.

What are the best exercises for weight loss?

Below are some of the best exercises for weight loss.

Weight Loss and Exercise go hand in hand

We’ve all been there. Sitting there staring at our bellies and wondering, why won’t it go away?! Well, without doing the right exercises and exercising daily, it won’t go away. You may well achieve weight loss through dieting but in terms of toning your body and muscles, you do need to keep exercising.

The right exercises have gripped the nation. Joe Wicks gripped the nation’s hearts. If you are at home and haven’t checked out his exercises, its worth a try. Once you get past the pulled hamstrings and excess sweating, it is quite fun (honest)!

What are the best times for exercising?

All these blogs will do discuss the main content of exercising whilst trying to lose weight. Remember, we are not experts and exercise is a hobby, not a job.

The best times for exercising for us at Healthy Food Reviews is the first thing in the morning. Working from home enables us to get up and go for a run before the sun has risen. This may sound difficult but once you get into an exercise routine, it becomes easy. Imagine this, you get up and run. Then after having a shower at 7, you don’t have to think about exercising for the rest of the day! If you don’t do exercise in the morning, then mentally it can be on your mind all day.


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