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Carbohydrates are an essential part of anyone’s diet. Whether you are on a healthy diet, a keto diet, a weight loss diet, or just a normal diet, there will be carbs involved.

Marathon runners, in particular, are keen carb-loaders. The night before a long run, footballers and runners alike will add pasta to their diet. This is because they are normally associated with energy. Some people associate carbohydrates with putting on weight, but if it helps you run, surely it is good with weight loss?

Carbohydrates on a diet

If you are on a weight loss journey then you will probably be avoiding the carbs. But is this a fact or a myth? Do carbohydrates really pack on the pounds? At Healthy Food Reviews, we include a lot of pasta in our healthy recipes and meal plans. Spaghetti carbonara is actually one of our favourite meals. Mixed with protein and other macronutrients, having carbs in your diet is so important.

When searching for weight loss diets and people on their weight loss journey, you’ll hear a lot about a low carb diet. But if you tried something like a Slimming World diet or a Weight Watchers diet, pasta is actually very inclusive.

When should you eat Carbohydrates?

Traditionally, if you are on a diet, you may stay away from carbs. But, it is actually when you eat these types of meals, rather than if that is important. The night before a busy day, meals like pasta and carbs will be perfect for you.

Wake up full of energy and avoid drinking too much caffeine when you are on a carbohydrate diet. Of course, if you have too much of the same thing, you will put on weight. You may become bloated after eating pasta, but eventually, it burns off. When exercising properly, a carb diet would ensure your weight loss.

Carbs and Exercise

Eating a bit of pasta? You’ll want to burn it off. You can do that by exercising at home during lockdown. If you are trying to lose weight during lockdown then you should consider exercising properly. Healthy Food Reviews made a long-term investment in a treadmill and we have never looked back.


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