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Caffeine is the same all over the world. Wherever you are, you are probably never more than 6ft away from someone who has drunk caffeine that day. Whether it is a coffee or tea for breakfast, or an energy drink to get you through the evening, caffeine is an incredibly important part of most people’s diets.

Is caffeine good for you?

Caffeine can be good for you yes. Before we go a bit deeper, we do want you to understand that we don’t write these blogs to deter you from having coffee or tea in the morning. Healthy Food Reviews is all about allowing readers to review and refresh their diets. You want to shock your body and be spontaneous sometimes.

Flavoured coffees, green teas and juices are all ways you can mix up your healthy diet. You need to mix it up to ensure you don’t develop a caffeine intolerance. This can make your body unhealthy.

In the blogs below, this food reviewer has talked about Beanies flavoured coffees, the odd green tea when on a juice cleanse, and also the perils of drinking too much coffee. Food intolerance or a general intolerance is when you have too much of the same thing. A lot of it is mindset and psychological, but you need to be careful.

What does coffee do?

Coffees and teas are meant to give you an energy boost. They are not unhealthy. But if you do have too much you can start to physically suffer. Shakes and fatigue are often associated with a coffee or caffeine intolerance. But, with the alternatives that Healthy Food Reviews provide below, this should set you well on their way.

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