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Skinny Food Co Syrups – Flavouring Your Diet

Well, the lockdown has been a bit difficult for us all. But Healthy Food Reviews have found something to perk us all up! At the start of lockdown, we wanted to achieve some of our own weight loss goals. We bought a treadmill which worked wonders but it was the diet which really kickstarted things. We tried some of the skinny syrups available from Skinny Food Co and we reviewed them ourselves. You can read about our Skinny Food Co reviews here. Please be aware this article does contain affiliate links.

Achieving weight loss with flavoured skinny food co syrups

In our last blog regarding some of the Skinny Food Co products and reviews, we talked about adding syrup to our porridge. We kept going on and on about it. BUT, it was one of the nicest things we have discovered. Healthy Food reviews realised that we were not taking full advantage of the syrups. Having moved on to black coffee after erasing milk from our diet, we got bored of this plain caffeine.

Because we had discovered that one of us was suffering from a milk coffee intolerance, black coffee felt like the only option. However, Healthy Food Reviews just were not getting into the shot of caffeine in the morning. This milk intolerance was causing us great pain and suffering. But, and bear with us here… we started adding some of the Skinny Food Co syrups to our coffee.

Adapting with healthy ingredients after milk intolerance discovery

So yeah, the milk intolerance upset a bit. It ruled out our morning teas and coffees. But lockdown gave us some inspiration. We were bored and tired. The caffeine wasn’t working. One day, at 6 am in the morning before our daily running exercise, something changed. We were not sure if it was pure tiredness, boredom or flexibility. BUT whilst making our porridge, we poured some of the skinny chocolate syrup into the coffee. At first, it was like no no no! However, now, we don’t think we will ever go back.

Low-Calorie Meals

These healthy extras are incredibly low in calories. They are also easy to buy and you can get them on a subscription service. For clarity, adding these flavoured and low-calorie extras does not mean you may exceed your calorie limit, so small is the number. Healthy Food Reviews were also not paid to write this review. We just love the syrups so much that we honestly think you would love them.

Adding syrups for breakfast, lunch and dinner has changed the way we think and look about our diet. For more info, check out the rest of our recipes and other Skinny Food Co reviews here. Healthy Food Reviews also post consistently on Facebook and Instagram. You can share this article on there or follow the social media icons on our Contact Us page.

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