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Food Recipe Evaluations: It’s Time To Check Your Sensitivity

Online there are a load of websites preaching about weight loss. They talk about healthy diets. Some talk about ways to lose weight through tests. Others talk about exercise routines. What you may find is that sometimes these people don’t have those experiences themselves. That’s the benefit of Healthy Food Reviews. We don’t sell anything. All this blog is all about our own personal experiences of trying a health kick. Every blog is our own method. All of us have tried learning new food and new exercise routines. Our team has also tried intolerance tests in order to get a sensitivity check. None of our content should be taken as advice, but more just an addition to deciding what is best for you.

Symptoms? Time for a Food Sensitivity Check

Remember, at Healthy Food Reviews this is not a lecture, this is advice. When scrolling through all the healthy recipe books, we have to take a look at all the ingredients. Whether it is a Chicken and Quinoa Salad from Slimming World, or just a Chicken Katsu Curry from the shelves in ASDA, checking the ingredients is always important. As a regular reader of the Healthy Food Reviews blog, you will know that mental health is a very big part of why this blog is written. Although the idea is that all the experiences are on our physical shape, this is reflected in our mental state.

A healthy body means a healthy mind. So, if you are self-conscious about your bloating, you can do something about it. A sensitivity check could help you identify which foods are causing your bloat. Once the bloating goes away, so does your stress over it. See what we mean now? It’s like a waterfall effect.

Being stuck in lockdown

Often, Healthy Food Reviews makes references to exercising during the imposed lockdown. This is because this is when it is most tempting to give up. Giving up on your exercise routine can be dangerous. You need to be motivated. Get that testosterone flowing if you are a male. The endorphins released from exercise help your mental fragility. Remember it does not even have to be a run. 15 minutes of walking a day are recommended by the NHS.

So, why would it time to get a sensitivity check? Well, the cause of your symptoms could be found in your healthy diet. Evaluate your own body and your own food recipes. There are plenty of ways to check how your body copes with certain foods. You can try sensitivity check tests yourself or you can do your own elimination diet. A lot of people turn to calorie counting. The truth is though, a low-calorie diet can be stressful. You have to weigh everything on the scales before consuming it. The results, however, are so effective!

What is an elimination diet?

An elimination diet is actually the best way of finding out what foods are causing your symptoms. A bloated stomach can be a nightmare, especially if you do not know what is causing it. Simply slowly eliminate common foods from your diet and track your symptoms. With a food diary, it also helps to meal plan. You know how Healthy Food Reviews feels about meal planning! Try it out. So, if a bloated stomach is causing your stress and anxiety, it could be time to get a sensitivity check.

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