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Letting loose on the Juice in lockdown – A Healthy Diet Review

With lockdown coming to an end, you might want to keep off the weight but going back to work means that you may not be able to do as much exercise? Well, have you tried a juice cleanse? At, we tried it ourselves. Find out what we thought below when we implemented it into our own healthy diet.

Our first healthy diet review

Before embarking on a juice cleanse, we weren’t sure about what was going to happen. Healthy Food Reviews also did not know which juice cleanse to choose. We wanted a healthy diet but how would we go about it? With both of us running a lot during lockdown, cycling, and also playing tennis. The lack of energy associated with a juice cleanse was a bit of a worry. We didn’t want to starve ourselves but we wanted to have a light and healthy diet. Therefore, as most people do, you have a back-up plan in case it all goes a bit wrong… No worries though, you won’t need a back-up plan for this! Put those energy bars and energy drinks away, as you won’t be needing them.

Preparation for a clean and healthy diet

Although you don’t need a backup plan for your healthy diet, you do need some sort of plan. We were snackers before, and so we had to hide the snacks. Cleared the cupboard and saved them for a treat later down the line when our weight loss was sustainable and our exercise was flowing. On a juice cleanse, you can still dip your hand into carrots if you absolutely have to, but it is not always a necessity. To vary your diet whilst sticking to your juice cleanse, you can also invest in herbal teas and hinder the cravings in between your juices.

Healthy Support Network

Now, you don’t always need a support network for a juice cleanse, but we decided to cover all bases. Tell your friends and your family that you are embarking on a juice cleanse and a juice diet and make sure they don’t make you fall into temptation. If you tell them you are doing a juice diet then you can ensure that they are able to support you, and won’t tempt you to ditch the clean and healthy diet with dinners out and takeaways, etc…

Detoxing for a diet

Of course, we will review the juice cleanse we did, but for maximum effect and to truly get the same sensations we did with juicing, you need to read the whole preparation part first. Whilst similar to exercise, to lose weight you do need to shock your body. Make sure you cut down on crisps, chocolate, and processed foods like microwave meals. If you are a smoker, you should try and minimise your intake. Basically, you are going to be shocking your body to help with your weight loss and cleanse it, flushing out all the toxins. If the idea of preparing for detox is sitting in the garden, you can keep your juice cleanses in the garden fridge to keep them cool. There is no excuse!

Review of a juice cleanse

Juice Cleanse - Part of a healthy diet
We tried a juice cleanse as part of our clean and healthy diet.

Well, we did all of this before trying our juice cleanse. One of the best things about doing this juice cleanse is that we were able to tailor it ourselves to ensure it suited our very own lifestyle. Although juice cleanses can be used alongside meals, we opted to use them as meal replacements. Some people opt for juice cleanses to increase the intake of their fruit and veg. This ensures they have up to five a day.

How many juices a day for a healthy diet?

It is true that if you are juicing as a meal replacement then you will need four a day but it is better than you think, if you include water and herbal tea, as you don’t feel as hungry. You do need to keep yourself occupied, however. We did our first juice at the start of April.

Weight Loss wasn’t our main aim

Weight loss wasn’t our main aim, it certainly helped. During the lockdown, it is easy to snack, but after doing our first juice this year before a big marketing meeting, we wanted to keep doing it! When work is busy there is not much to do. We will find brownies, crisps, and chocolates, but the juice plan sorted us out! We went from being bloated to feeling fantastic in the space of a couple of days. It was amazing.

Starting with 13 delicious juices over 3 days, alongside the three SOS snack bars which JuiceMaster offers on their first delivery. We will definitely do it again. We also received information on how to ensure we survived after the juice cleanse was over. What we did find fascinating, and we didn’t do it this time. Next time you can freeze the juices and nutrients to ensure you freeze all the nutrients.

Score out of 10?

All in all, this is a very stressful time for all during the lockdown. We found this the perfect way to cleanse our body and ourselves. The best review we can give for this cleanse is that we will be doing it again, and again, and again…

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