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Doing A Juice Cleanse and Other Healthy Activities

Have you been reading up on how to do a juice programme and what the benefits are? If so, you are likely also into learning about all the healthy stuff and activities that come with weight loss. If you have, you are probably now tempted to do a juice cleanse yourself. Thankfully you have stumbled upon this blog post, as the team we want to help. We are happy to provide you with the three steps you need to know about when doing a juice cleanse.

Take a look below at how we think you should prepare your body for a cleanse. We explain how you can stop your hunger cravings, all whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can continue after your cleanse.

Before you start your juice cleanse

First things first, you need to be prepared. Before you embark on your journey to a new you, you must plan ahead in order to gain the maximum benefits. You can minimise the temptation to eat beforehand by clearing out the fridge (throwing it away, not eating it) and also the cupboards, to make sure you resist temptation.

You can still snack however if you really need to, but these should be healthy snacks only. Fill your cupboards with fruit, nuts and vegetables, so that they are the only healthy options available to you during your juice programme. Don’t forget, for maximum nutrition, you can also buy lots of herbal teas as well to try and hinder the cravings in between juices.

Remember, make sure you have the help and support from your friends and family when doing a juicing programme as you may be relying on them to get you through the cleanse. Detoxing is important before you start as well, don’t jump straight into detox, you should prepare your body beforehand. Eat healthy in the week beforehand, cutting down on sweets, crisps, chocolate and of course, processed foods. It can also help if you are a smoker, you should try and minimise your daily intake.

During your period of healthy activities

What to do during your cleanse? One of the better things about doing a juice cleanse alongside other healthy activities is that you can tailor it to suit your lifestyle. This could be that you are using your juices as meal replacements. If you are, this is still good alongside a healthy and balanced diet. You could be taking your juices just to increase your intake of fruit and veg, making it up to 5 a day.

It’s true. Swapping out your meals for a juice cleanse and other healthy stuff and foods is a great way to activate weight loss. You can have water and herbal tea, and you may snack on one piece of veg if you find yourself craving solid foods. It is better to drink herbal tea than coffee to avoid the risk of a caffeine intolerance ruining your cleanse.

If juicing does not suit your lifestyle, then many people may choose to drink their juices alongside a healthy diet. Many customers have found success once they have had a juice for breakfast. Then a juice for lunch. Before finishing off with a tasty soup or healthy salad for dinner. Other options include having a healthy breakfast in the morning to get the metabolism going. You can then juicing for the rest of the day.

After you have finished your juice cleanse

Doing a juice cleanse is all about sustaining it. If you haven’t planned what you will do afterwards, you can easily undo all your work without even meaning to. Once you have completed your healthy diet amongst other stuff, you will feel much healthier, mentally and physically. People who do a juice cleanse have claimed to feel cleaner and feel lighter. They also feel as though they had new goals to aim for. With your newfound healthy diet which you began before your cleanse, you will begin to notice a difference in the foods that you are craving. This is due to a change in your taste buds as they adapt and adjust.

You should break your diet slowly, reintroducing foods that your body will accept. This can include a plant-based diet which includes grains and legumes, with small portions being eaten regularly throughout the day. Something you should be doing anyway is drinking lots of water. Drinking up to 10 glasses a day of water ensures that toxins will be flushed out of your system. It also can kickstart the metabolism in the morning. This means you can lose weight and you’ll also notice a difference in your clearer skin and

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