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Running on an Empty Stomach – Good or Bad for you?

Running on an empty stomach? You don’t want to experience a stitch, but you also don’t want to lack fuel or energy on your run. So is it good or bad for you? The answer is something in between. It’s not as bad as some people make it out to be, but its also not as valuable as it can be. If you are going on a long run, like a half marathon or a marathon, it is not recommended.

Healthy Food Reviews tend to exercise indoors on an empty stomach. This is because the workouts we do indoors tend to last less than an hour, meaning doing it on an empty stomach is doable. Any exercise over an hour on an empty stomach is considered to be difficult. The reason we are covering this subject is that people are taking up running as one of their lifestyle changes throughout 2021.

So, is running on an empty stomach good or bad?

The truth is, despite all the science and healthy diets in the world, this comes down to opinion. Some people prefer to exercise on an empty stomach. Others prefer having energy and fuel behind them. For the runners at Healthy Food Reviews, we prefer to run on an empty stomach. When the day drags on and we have had two meals in the day, even a light jog can be difficult.

Even the foods that are considered to be energy and fitness-friendly can still cause a stitch. Interestingly, some park runners out there actually prefer a fry up in the morning before their run. Other amateurs prefer to eat a banana and a small bowl of porridge before their run. Essentially, it is all down to how well your body handles an intake of food.

It won’t help you lose weight easier or muscle

This is a myth. Running on an empty stomach does not mean you will lose muscle. But it also does not mean you will lose weight more quickly either. It will not burn the fat that carbohydrates would have added to your body. However, there is some sort of truth to the saying that you can train your body to lose weight on an empty stomach. If you build up consistency and exercise properly, you will lose the right sort of weight and not muscle.

Consistency in your exercise helps your body to obtain the energy it needs from free fatty acids, according to Runtastic. Essentially, what we are saying is that you can eat and exercise properly according to your own body. You know it best. Healthy Food Reviews tend to run and sprint on an empty stomach as it helps us to feel lighter. If we’ve had a big meal and still need some exercise, we tend to go on a light jog.

Endurance Running on an empty stomach? No.

2021 has seen a lot of people change their lifestyle. Lockdown led to people wanting to eat more healthily. It also led to people wanting to achieve weight loss. But for some people, including Healthy Food Reviews, it meant turning to endurance running. We managed to run two half marathons at the start of the year and then slowed down in February. This was to stop us overdoing it on the running. BUT the one thing we did not do was run any long distances on an empty stomach. Yes, we did short sharp sprints to increase our fitness on an empty stomach, but never anything longer than a 5K run without eating.

Ultimately, you can eat what you want as long as you have enough energy to achieve your goals. There are people that prefer to devour a meaty pasta dish the night before. This helps them to ensure they are energetic before they begin their run the next day. It also means they do not need to have a big breakfast. From a healthy diet point of view, you do need to fuel up the night before, but a healthy breakfast of fruit and pancakes wouldn’t go amiss. Do a couple of testers yourself and find out what energy foods are best for your personal fitness.

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