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How many calories are there in Pasta?

Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognese, Macaroni Cheese. These three meals sound delicious, and they are delicious. Everyone is always asking what our favourite meal is at Healthy Food Reviews. The answer is simple. Lasagne. It just has to be. But that’s not healthy, we hear you cry! Well, in actual fact with the right ingredients, lasagne can be a perfect addition to your weekly meal. Why do people avoid these types of pasta though? Well, this is because many people are often wondering how many calories are there in Pasta? The answer is: not as many as you think. The high number of calories in lasagne actually comes from the sauce. The truth is pasta is full of carbohydrates and limited in calories. It is definitely something you should have in your weekly meal plan.

How many calories are there in Pasta?

There is no direct answer. Healthy Food Reviews are not going to pretend we know the answer. This is because it all depends on the portion size and which pasta dish you choose. So if you are looking to find the answer to how many calories are there in pasta then size does matter. One trick we picked up from Instagram was to replace the traditional Dolmio white sauce with Morrisson’s own macaroni sauce. You might be wondering why you would add an ingredient from macaroni cheese to a lasagne. Well, it limits the calories! That is why. You no longer have to worry about the number of calories in pasta or lasagne if you choose the right ingredients.

Will fewer calories in pasta help my weight loss?

So yeah, we’ve banged the low-calorie pasta drum enough in recent months. There is no direct answer to how many calories there are in pasta. However, there is one definite: low-calorie meals does mean weight loss. If you have just started your weight loss journey then you will want to check out our healthy recipes. It’s full of low-calorie breakfasts and meals, including a delicious low-calorie spaghetti carbonara, complete with cheesy dairylea triangles.

Calories work in a way where if you have a smaller portion of spaghetti bolognese or lasagne, then you will consume fewer calories. This is why the calorie argument is pretty redundant when it comes to eating pasta. It is all about willpower. You also need to cut out the garlic bread. Again, this is down to willpower. Ever wonder where the calories in a lasagne dish come from? Usually from the sides! Garlic Bread is notoriously bad for you if your aim is to lose weight.

Should I eat pasta if I want to lose weight?

Yes. You shouldn’t worry about how many calories there are in pasta. The reason you are eating pasta is that you are likely looking to exercise and lose weight. The pasta itself is full of carbohydrates, providing a good source of energy. It may cause the odd sense of a bloated stomach but this does tend to subside after about an hour. Coincidently, this is roughly how long you should wait before beginning your exercise routine.

In fact, this question about how many calories are there in pasta has even been addressed by the NHS. They talk about pasta not causing weight gain, but not necessarily contributing directly to weight loss. Of course, as well as portion size, how your body reacts is also important. It might not like pasta, especially if you eat too much of it consistently.

Pasta essentially helps with weight loss due to the fact that it is a carbohydrate. As long as you keep your diet balanced and healthy then pasta should be treated as a delicacy. Whether it is Spaghetti Bolognaise, Lasagne or Macaroni Cheese, if you limit your portions and keep a healthy diet, then it certainly does not matter how many calories there are in pasta.

The best way to lose weight?

Essentially, although we bang on about exercising and healthy recipes, the real key to weight loss is portion size. Quality should be desired over quantity. You want a meal to taste nice. But you also don’t want it to make you feel sluggish afterwards. Sometimes, although considered time consuming, calorie counting is the best way forwards. Of course, this whole article is about how many calories are there in pasta, but its the meal you should take into account. Cutting your lasagne portion in half will make you feel so much better. Reducing your calorie intake leads to a happier and healthier you. And you don’t have to eliminate pasta to do it!

Interested in some low-calorie healthy recipes? Check out our Healthy Food Reviews blog. It’s not just all about those low calories though, we have blogs on intolerance to caffeine, exercise routines, how to exercise indoors and also healthy breakfasts. Enjoy!

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