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Low Calorie Meal – Spaghetti Carbonara | Bacon and Sausages

So, if you are a keen follower of our Instagram page here at Healthy Food Reviews, you will have seen the delicious and wonderful low calorie meal of Spaghetti Carbonara that we made. It’s something that Healthy Food Reviews keep saying, but if we could have it every week, we would! After a tiring day in the office, going home sometimes and reading that message on your phone saying ‘Low Calorie Meal Spaghetti’, and it gets us looking forward to dinner. But if it is so nice and healthy, why haven’t we heard of this low calorie meal before? Check it out below!

Low Calorie Meal – Healthy Ingredients

If this has got your taste buds tingling then by now you’ll be desperate to know how it is all made! Read all the ingredients below for this low calorie pasta and add yet another delicious recipe to your weekly plan.

Where to start?

400g dried spaghetti

2 tsp of Olive Oil

6 Extra Light Dairylea Triangles

6 rashers of Back Bacon, with the fat removed and chop up the bacon

1 garlic clove, gently squashed

3 Medium Free range eggs

50g Grated Parmesan

How it is made – Healthy Food Reviews

In the kitchen, start your low calorie meal prep by bringing a large pan of salted water to the boil. Get the spaghetti and cook it for around 12 minutes to soften the pasta and ensure it is edible. Remember, the calories are low in this meal and will mostly come from spaghetti, so there is nothing to worry about.

Make sure you have another large frying pan ready. Heat it up in the pan with oil and then fry the low-fat bacon alongside the squashed garlic clove. Once the bacon starts to crisp up, you can then remove the garlic from the pan.

Simply put, this low calorie meal is well on the way to perfection now. Turn the heat off to stop the pasta from boiling, but ensure the pan is kept warm so that the spaghettti (or other type of pasta) is still cooking.

Still with us?

Whilst the bacon is now crisping up, add the egg yolks, parmesan and also parsley all into one bowl. Mix it all together. The bacon and drained spaghetti stays warm. Add the mixture on top of the pasta and spaghetti and pour it on top of the pasta, which is thickened. Then, honestly wow. This is one of the best low calorie meals you will experience in a lifetime.

With the parsley and seasoning, you can always tinker with this as you wish to suit your own taste buds, but this amount should be sufficient. With this sort of carbonara, any sort of pasta is acceptable. Spaghetti is our preferred option, but any sort of pasta will be perfect. Here is the original recipe which we slightly adapted.

To find more healthy recipes for low calorie meals, check out the recipes page on Healthy Food Reviews and learn all about how we can help you. Also, check out our socials and healthy food reviews blog and what other interesting products we can offer and advertise. Here is what we thought of this healthy recipe at Healthy Food Reviews.

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