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Healthy Living + Healthy Food = Healthy Stuff

Healthy Stuff. Is this a real thing? Well, we’ve made it a real thing. When people ask us about healthy living and low-calorie foods, they do go hand in hand. However, saying this all the time can get boring for both us and the reader. Therefore, we’ve combined the two. Now, if we are writing about the art of healthy living and good food recipes, then we are talking about healthy stuff. Exercise can also come under this category. So if you see Healthy Food Reviews referring to healthy stuff, then you know we are talking about the whole package.

Healthy Stuff and Healthy Food Reviews

Since 2020 started, we’ve been on a weight loss journey. This has seen us undertake a range of new exercise routines as well as learning a range of good food recipes. We have taken inspiration from food bloggers and also companies like Slimming World and WW. As time has gone on and we have discovered a new range of foods and indoor exercises to undertake, we have had to be more diverse in our writing. In our recipes page, we are sticking solely to new recipes. You can find the source of the healthy recipes in the actual recipe itself. So if it is purely good food recipes you are after, then this is where you should go. If you are looking for healthy stuff; as in exercise routines and foods, take a look at our range of fine living blogs.

Indoor Exercise Routines

Whilst good food recipes have been a major part of our weight loss journey, Healthy Food Reviews need to also pay homage to the other side of our new healthy stuff routine; the exercise route. With exercise routines being attempted both indoors and outdoors, there has never been a better time to get healthier. Our blog has its own weight loss category. In here, this sort of separates healthy food reviews from exercising routines. If muscle strength, getting your body in shape, and getting that six-pack is your goal, then you will want to check out our exercise routines.

Outdoor Exercise Routines

Now, we are not saying that the healthy stuff project is about completely changing your routine. This blog is about finding alternatives in a world which is now so different. You can’t go to the gym anymore and some people will not likely be able to go to the gym again. As a breeding ground for germs, these outdoor exercise routines should help you to exercise properly without the stress of training in an unused gym. Obviously, some people need the gym for their mental health. That camaraderie that you get of going to the gym with your mates cannot be replaced. We have also talked previously about the link between having an exercise routine and better mental health.

The healthy stuff project

Being part of the healthy stuff project is very important to us at Healthy Food Reviews. We have bought into the project. Even though this good food blog was born with the idea of supplying good food recipes to help with weight loss, and writing this blog helped us to learn there is so much more about living healthily. Incorporating our diets into our exercise routine has definitely been the biggest game-changer for us. Eating bananas before going a run. Carb loading the night before a half marathon. Learning new exercises to ensure we were able to shock our body. This is all part of the project and something we are really looking to carry on throughout 2021. One week, we even went on a no carb diet to ensure our body did not settle into a routine where the exercises and diets were not working.

There is so much more to explore about our bodies and what diets mean. Keep an eye on our blogs and good food recipes to make sure you have more of an understanding of what we can achieve.

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