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Healthy Snacks to have TO Ensure You Don’t Feel Guilty

Sometimes you need a cheat day, even if you are wanting to be good. It can be difficult to consistently eat healthily, so you feel like you need a snack. The important thing to note is that a snack is not always a negative. A lot of people who are on a diet will be terrified of a potential snack, thinking it will set them back. However, there are such things as healthy snacks. You don’t have to worry about piling on weight if you’re eating the right things. It’s not all about calorie counting but there are a couple of things that you need to take note of. Snacking is not as taboo as some would have you believe, it is actually more about portion control. Read on to see what healthy snacks we would suggest you eat to stay on your weight loss journey.

Active Fibre One Brownies – 1 per day as healthy snacks

We’ve mentioned these fibre one brownies before in a blog. They are so nice and if you are able to limit yourself, they don’t actually do you much harm. Obviously, even if you are trying to lose weight, you still need to eat enough calories in a day to stay healthy. Otherwise, you will end up feeling weak and tired. This is a big negative and obviously, you do not want to be experiencing symptoms like this. The brownies are a great treat. In fact, they provide you with a little boost of energy. However, there are not enough calories to cause you any serious weight gain.

The obvious healthy snacks – Fruit

Fruit is a great way to quench your hunger. Not only do they provide much-needed vitamins, they are also great at solving your hunger or boredom. Sometimes, especially if working from home, people will find themselves eating in order to cure their boredom. Of course, you should be working but there is often the case when a snack is just too good to resist. If this is the case, fruit is the obvious go-to. Bananas and apples, as well as oranges and pineapple, can all be classed as healthy snacks. In fact, these are the sort of snacks that are encouraged. They are included in our big list of healthy stuff!

Lite Crisps

You’re probably wondering what we are on about now… Well, when it comes to crisps, they can actually be classed as a healthy snack. It is important though that you choose the right crisps. Going to your local supermarket and picking up the biggest bag of junk food is not advisable if you are on a weight loss journey. There are actually crisps that can be alright to consume. Some of them are even in the name. Snack-a-jacks for example can be considered as a snack that won’t do you much harm. It will help you resist the temptation for a bigger snack, whilst also ensuring you don’t pile on too many calories. There are also brands out there who will do their best to ensure you do not gain weight. Take a look at some crisps like Snackrite in this instance.

As you can see, alongside some of our healthy recipes, there are also plenty of healthy snacks you can consume. It’s important that you do still limit your consumption but there is more leeway. Eating 8 healthy foods for a day, for example, could be just as bad for you as eating one big bag of junk food. So just be careful, and choose your snacks wisely, as well as when you are eating them.

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