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Is there a correlation between a healthy lifestyle and mental health?

Is there a correlation between having a healthy lifestyle and having feeling good mentally? Most likely. There are definitely some benefits to clean eating and exercising consistently. However, it isn’t just about eating healthily and having an exercise routine. Healthy Food Reviews talk about what other things you can do alongside running to ensure your self-esteem levels remain high.

Journal Your Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone has that one person they follow on social media (or did). Do you ever really go to the gym if you don’t post it on Instagram? Have you been on a run if you’ve not plastered it all over Facebook? (Okay I’m guilty of that). In all seriousness though, it is something important to note, especially as social media has been in the news recently. Plenty of influencers have hit the headlines recently, and not for the right reasons. Whilst the UK struggles through the global pandemic, social media stars have been boasting of being out and about in hot locations. All this whilst at home, we are struggling to get any exercise done due to the restrictions and adverse weather. For a lot of us, losing our exercise routines has led to us stopping our healthy lifestyle. People are really beginning to feel down.

One way we have got through it at Healthy Food Reviews is by journaling our healthy lifestyle. It was so enjoyable that was born… It has been eye opening to look back through our journal and see how far we have come. Struggling at the start of the National Lockdown in March was hard but now, almost a year on look where we are! The team at Healthy Food Reviews are certainly in a much better place now than where we were in 2020. That applies to both our mental state and physical state. Honestly, start writing down your healthy meals and recipes. You can also set up an Instagram account to keep yourself and your friends on track. Set yourself goals and use your social media and journal to ensure you stick to your healthy lifestyle.

Try something new – Start a jigsaw

One thing we have all learned over the past year is the struggle of being stuck inside, bored and stressed. Usually, going to the gym or exercising outdoors provided some relief for us. That is harder than ever now. For us, learning all these new healthy recipes and trying clean eating was a great distraction. Now, it is part of our daily, weekly and monthly routine to eat healthily and live happily. Having a healthy lifestyle has certainly left us in better shape now than where we were at the start of the pandemic.

Some of us were already living a healthy lifestyle though! Not so much on a diet, but plenty of people had exercise routines and were just eating sensible portions. So, what did these people do to keep themselves going during the lockdowns? Well., some people turned to jigsaws! Yes, everybody probably did them when they were young, but how many of you do them now? There are some really surprising health benefits of doing a jigsaw. Check them out below and see if you can integrate them into your healthy lifestyle:

Jigaws lower your screen time

Apart from cooking new good food recipes and exercising indoors, we’ve not been able to do much recently that doesn’t involve a screen. The TV shows are good, don’t get me wrong but they’re not exactly good for you. Aside from reading novels (which not everybody loves), what else is there to do other than stare at screens? Well, you can always start a jigsaw. Too much time in front of screens is not part of a healthy lifestyle. You can eat healthily and exercise a lot, but if you stare at a screen, you still won’t feel great. What’s more, too much screen times has been to affect your weight and sleeping patterns. Both of these factors should be taken into consideration when trying to be healthier and happier.

Jigsaw also release stress – Allowing a healthy lifestyle

There is a correlation between mental health and following a healthy lifestyle. As we mentioned earlier, it’s not all about exercise routines and clean eating though. Some people turn to DIY to get them through a crisis and release stress and enhance their healthy mind, but that is not everyone’s strength. Puzzles and jigsaws demand a high level of thought and focus. Focus is the big one here. Puzzles can really take your mind off stressful things in your life which could be weighing you down. Stress can cause you to feel demotivated and lose focus.

Take your mind off work with a good puzzle. Let a good jigsaw get in the way of the national and global pandemic. The relief, once you have completed a puzzle, is almost unrivalled as well. Staring at the same pieces for a while and watching it all come together is very satisfying. Some people use jigsaws a form of meditation. Completely losing themselves in puzzles, forgetting about everything else. So, can you see now what constitutes a healthy lifestyle? Add jigsaw puzzles alongside your new good food recipes and exercise routines and you are really on to a winner.

Good Food and Healthy Recipes also contribute to good mental health

At the end of the day, this is still a healthy food blog. Furthermore, we have recipes and weight loss to thank for raising our self-esteem and keeping us occupied during the lockdown. It has not been easy for anyone, but finding distractions has certainly helped, that can be said for sure. Setting yourself weight loss goals and target completion dates for your jigsaws could be exactly what you need to get you through the next couple of months.

Understanding your body plays a big part in feeling positive. Everybody wants body confidence and in the world of social media, it is even more prevalent. The irony is, staying off social media actually means you will feel more positive in yourself.

If you’ve found distractions but now weight loss is your goal, you can still check out the increasing number of good food recipes we are able to share (with credit) on our site.

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