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Getting back on a healthy diet after an extended break

We feel the need to start this blog with complete honesty. We’ve not been good recently. Despite the title of the blog, and the recipes and reviews, healthy recipes and a healthy diet couldn’t have been further from the truth in September. But, now, we are back on it. Yes, that’s right. Healthy Food Reviews are back in the game.

Getting back into a healthy diet and routine

If you’ve been following our social media and blogs, you’ll notice we haven’t given up on exercise. That has still played a major part in our healthy routine and weight loss. But, whilst not managing to lose loads of weight, we have not been eating as well as we would have liked. This is the hard bit because, to be honest, we ran out of healthy recipes. Today’s blog is basically all about how we are going to get back into eating healthily again, rather than the actual recipes.

Where to shop for your healthy recipes

First of all, you need to plan. You need to make a food diary but you also need to know where to shop. Even in 2020, you can’t just nip to the shop expecting to find everything you want. Even though most supermarkets cater to gluten-free meals and other healthy diets, it’s not a given. At Healthy Food Reviews, it is not a one size fits all. Usually, with our shopping list in tow, we will find what we need at Tesco. But sometimes, a trip to ASDA and then another trip to ALDI is in order.

This is because of prices and quality. You need to make sure you can afford to be on your healthy diet, though going for the more expensive option may help you budget better. You also need to make sure what you are eating is healthy, and not just cheap. ALDI and Tesco do amazing wheat-free spaghetti, something we absolutely love. Honestly, we didn’t notice a difference.

What advice should you follow?

Well, what Healthy Food Reviews say is not gospel. But this is what works for us, so this is a sort of disclaimer. In this order, this is what we prioritise to ensure we stick to our healthy diet (apart from September)…

  1. Get a food diary for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  2. Plan your meals in the food diary a week in advance before you do your shopping
  3. Do your food shopping and don’t go shopping when hungry, maybe eat before
  4. Weigh your food and sample your portion size
  5. Dig in and let your food settle before going back for more

So, if you need any motivation or anything like that, pop us a message over on the Healthy Food Reviews Instagram and we’ll get back to you with what we have been doing. It may not work for you but if you are seeking motivation, we’re happy to tell you what we did!

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