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Friday Night Dinner – Foods that are healthy to eat

As a new(ish) food reviewer, Healthy Food Reviews are well aware of what it is like on a Friday night. You get home after a long week at work and all you want to do is munch on junk food. But healthy food can be just as nice and just as convenient! The difficult thing is; finding foods that are healthy to eat. That’s why this week, this healthy food reviews blog has been testing out healthy food fakeaways. Kebab’s, curries, yoghurts are all tried and tested as foods that are healthy to eat.

Woman looking for foods which are healthy to eat in supermarket.

Finding meals that are healthy to eat

Finding foods which are healthy to eat is one of the most difficult things when on a diet. One bad move could set you back. The issue is, dieting and weight loss is both mental and physical. The mental joy of having a take-away is often dissipated by the scales over the next couple of days. Weight loss can be gruelling, tiring and distressing. Interestingly, Healthy Food Reviews found that finding foods that are healthy to eat is actually the biggest challenge. When we do find these healthy foods, the taste is amazing and the meals are a joy to eat. As good as a takeaway, sometimes even more delicious. In the below blog we discuss the best ways to find these healthy foods to eat. Food reviewers all over the world are brilliant at finding the tasty and healthy treats, and we want to be one of them.

What foods are tasty and low in calories?

Being completely honest, one-half of Healthy Food Reviews was a bit reluctant to try these foods. We were notoriously picky beforehand, but now we are not. Spaghetti Carbonara, Porridge and Chocolate Skinny Syrups from the Skinny Food Co, juice cleanses, this food reviewer has tried them all! The astonishment on our faces was hilarious when the question was asked: ‘how many syns are in this?’. The reply was zero. Honestly, it was one of the best meals we had tried!

The juice cleanse is a good beginner. If you cannot find the healthy foods at the start then you can always be tempted by a juice cleanse to keep you moving. It flushes out the toxins of your body and prepares it for the fruit and veg. Think of it like this, head down the supermarket aisles. Take one look left, one look right. Follow the traffic lights on the meals and ingredients. Red indicates unhealthy. Seeing green on the label makes it easier to find food which is healthy to eat and munch on.

Healthy foods for healthy recipes

Finding healthy foods to eat which are good for you and tasty can be difficult. But even once you’ve found them, that’s not the end. You need to find the right ingredients. You need to mix and match the ingredients and ensure you still have a healthy recipe. This healthy food reviewer was surprised to learn how healthy spaghetti carbonara and other foods could be good for you. For example, for our latest Friday Night Dinner, we had chicken tikka kebabs! Sounds delicious doesn’t it? It was also incredibly healthy. We are back on plan with our healthy diet and kebabs fit the bill.

Our weight loss journey

Still averaging around 2lb in weight loss each week, we have faith in our healthy recipes and meals. These are our opinions but we are still thoroughly enjoying our weight loss journey as part of Healthy Food Reviews. Trying our own meals. Trying to lose weight… it’s all getting easier now we’ve found a low-calorie diet which is full of tasty foods. The Kebabs were a delight. With peppers, carrots, chicken and skewers, you will be sure to enjoy this lovely and delicious meal.

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