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Caffeine alternatives are high in demand because people are craving an energy boost. The reason they are looking for alternatives is that, during the lockdown, people are drinking too much coffee and energy drinks. Whether it is Red Bull, black coffee or other caffeinated drinks, too much of something can cause digestive issues. In other words, at Healthy Food Reviews, we want to warn you about the dangers of consuming too much caffeine. Nobody wants to experience symptoms of caffeine intolerance, particularly the horrible bloating ones. Therefore, we at Healthy Food Reviews have put together a list of the best energy-boosting foods that are a satisfactory alternative to caffeine.

Finding Caffeine Alternatives For Morning Energy

If you are looking to get your morning boost from something other than coffee, then quite simply you need to start eating better. Why? Well, there are plenty of foods that provide you with enough energy to get through the day. Porridge, bananas and other foods full of carbohydrates will give you a boost. When trying to find alternatives for caffeine, people may begin to suffer from caffeine withdrawal symptoms. But below is why you should try and consume fruit and porridge for breakfast.

A banana is a great breakfast because it helps to keep your cravings at bay. So, not only does it help with weight loss as it stops you from snacking, but it also gives you an energy boost. Forget coffee, toast and butter, you can try bananas and porridge as a healthy breakfast. How do they help to stop you from snacking though? Well, bananas, especially when still slightly ripe and green (remember our article on green foods being healthy, didn’t think about bananas did you?), are a healthy carbohydrate that leaves you feeling full. note that bananas are one of the best breakfasts.

Healthy Carbohydrates as Caffeine Supplements

Healthy carbohydrates provide you with the energy you might be missing if you have cut out caffeine. Other than bananas which we have droned on about for ages, you can also have porridge for breakfast. Porridge is full of oats and good carbohydrates. If you think it might be a bit plain or want to ease your way into it, why not try spicing it up a little? You don’t have to add unhealthy maple syrup or anything like that to make it flavoursome, just take a look at what inspiration we found right at the start of lockdown. Healthy Food Reviews gave an honest review of what it was like to add Skinny Food Co syrup to our porridge for breakfast.

A lot of people choose to have toast and coffee in the morning. Some people just can’t move away from it. It often takes something drastic in someone’s lifestyle to happen to change their diet. For us, it was a global pandemic that signified the birth of a healthy diet for Healthy Food Reviews. Alongside exercising and eating well, Healthy Food Reviews tried to lose weight during the lockdown. We too used to be part of the toast, butter and coffee brigade for breakfast.

But the scales just weren’t showing any weight loss despite constant exercise. Whether we were running a 5km race, doing a 10km run or going on a long bike ride, we were working with a bloated stomach and sometimes feeling nauseous. But then, after wanting to get to know our body better and learn more about which healthy diet to follow, we learnt that we were suffering from food intolerance.

Learning about a food intolerance turned our life around

Upon learning what foods we were intolerant to meant that we were able to rejig our healthy diet. Discovering new healthy diets was something we did to lose weight. So then we wanted to share that with others. For anyone looking for healthy recipes, Healthy Food Reviews want to help you discover your new journey.

Learning that we may have been drinking too much coffee and eating too much wheat was a real eye-opener for us. How much is too much though? That depends on your body. Everyone is different but obviously, if you are eating the same things over and over again, then your body may develop an intolerance to that item. That is why we are writing this article on finding alternatives. Caffeine alternatives are definitely needed. You can’t be consuming too much coffee. This will cause uncomfortable symptoms.

Wheat is another popular food item that people develop an intolerance to. That’s why we had to find alternative healthy foods for breakfast. We are not going to review what it is like eating a banana for breakfast, but we are going to emphasise how good it can be. Not only does it help to satisfy your cravings, it’s a good alternative to help you switch up your foods. Cutting out the toast and butter could be the life-changing decision you need to make.

In conclusion

In conclusion, you need to find caffeine alternatives to stop yourself from developing a caffeine intolerance. You also need to try bananas to stop yourself from eating too much wheat and having toast in the morning. It’s a good healthy breakfast that also provides you with an energy boost that only caffeine can replicate. Porridge (with skinny syrup) should also be on the menu. A welcome energy boost as part of a healthy morning routine. Try it, and don’t knock it. Let Healthy Food Reviews know what you think in the comments!

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