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Fibre One Brownies – Birthday Cake Bars

Everyone loves a sweet and fibre one brownies are the perfect treat. We have fallen in love with this brownie bars over the past couple of months and they keep us going when we really are craving something magical. Colourful in nature but also delightful in taste, we won’t ever get bored of these.

Are fibre one brownies healthy?

Short answer: yes. But we don’t want to give a short answer, we want to truly describe the nature of these brownies and why they are an integral part of any diet. They allow you to have something sweet whilst also being good for you. No regrets and no guilt spring to mind when tucking in during the day. Of course, everything is okay in moderation, but we still like to err on the healthy side. Forget skittles and the colours of the rainbow, try these fibre one birthday cake brownies! Ditch the sweets and have some treats. Healthy fibre one brownies could be exactly what you are looking for.

Active fibre one brownies box
Get your hands on some birthday cake flavoured active fibre one brownies…

What flavour brownies are there?

Of course with these healthy brownies, they do come in lots of flavours. Luckily, at shops like Asda and Tesco, you may find them often being at a discounted price, such is the popularity. In fact, whenever we went to purchase some brownies, we were having to rush to grab the last box. Once stocked, they fly off the shelves. You do have to be quick.

With tasty foods like this you will need to resist the temptation of not eating every single minute of the day because if we could, we would. To help us manage, we created our very own treat box. We locked this in a cupboard, with both birthday cake fibre one brownies and chocolate fibre one brownies and ensured we did our best to create a delicious treat box. We limited ourselves to allow us to delve into the box once a day and grab a snack.

With will power and support, we managed to do it. And the brownies certainly do make it worth the wait. Breakfast (?), lunch or dinner, grab a treat today and ease the cravings away. If you are interested in reading our blogs, there’s a lot more here but if you are looking for a new snack to help you through the day, grab a fibre one brownie and try it for yourself…

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