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Wednesday Wisdom – Combining Food and Exercise

Sometimes you just need a mixture of eating correctly and exercising right to optimise your weight loss. Losing weight is a life goal of many. To do that, you do need to follow certain rules. By following this Wednesday Wisdom, you should see yourself reaching goals. Make sure you eat correctly and healthily in order to enhance your fitness goals. Well, here you go: This is the best way to enhance your weight loss journey (in our experience!). Combining exercising indoors and filling your body with protein enhances your physical shape.

One of our favourite recipes we’ve discovered (you can see a lot of them on our healthy foods Instagram page), was a lovely Beef and Red Wine Casserole. We got the recipe from Slimming World so won’t be disclosing it on here, but we will talk about how much we loved it! Ensure you enjoy your Wednesday dinners with this Wednesday Wisdom. Enjoy the meltingly tender beef and chunky vegetables. It’s a life-changing dinner! But you can also use it as supper.

Healthy Food Reviews and Red Wine Beef Stew

Looking for a healthy recipe to add to your midweek dinners? Never fear, Healthy Food Reviews are on standby with some protein-heavy meals, some meat-friendly diners alongside our vegan-friendly recipes. This Red Wine Beef Stew recipe enhances your weekly meal plan like no other. It’s slightly different from the standard Slimming World one so we can review it.

To get started on your beef dinner you do need a lovely slab of lean beef which is ready for stewing. You can buy it with either the fat cut off or cut into bite-sized pieces, it is completely up to you. Other flavours you will experience include garlic, carrots (healthy foods!) and also leeks. That is the bit where everyone starts to turn their nose up. But leeks do actually add a lovely flavour. Next up, you need to find the food that you burn more calories eating than when you consume it… Yes, it’s the celery!

Other flavours include beef stock and of course as you may have guessed from the title, some red wine. For all those not wanting some alcohol, we would avoid this recipe. Red Wine is an essential part of the healthy recipe. Tomatoes and herbs come next, with mixed herbs and bay leaf adding to the combo. Lastly, it is everyone’s favourite ingredients, some black pepper!

Combine this dinner with exercising indoors

One of Healthy Food Reviews’ main goals was to get in physical shape. This meant we had to start exercising indoors. Whilst abs are made in the kitchen, to get the shoulders and biceps you want, you need to start lifting weights and doing cardio. Exercising indoors was really the only option when the national lockdown was introduced. Gyms were shut, the weather was still cold, and for everyone’s mental and physical state, being able to exercise indoors was a necessity.

Whilst Joe Wicks, the nations PE teacher, kept Britain entertained there were some people who needed to exercise differently. Running out and about wasn’t for everyone, especially with people continuing to work from home. With people watching Joe, exercising indoors was easier. YouTube videos and yoga mats were certainly an essential part of the routine. But what did we do?

Healthy Food Reviews eating and exercising

Healthy Food Reviews focused on eating well. We got into a rhythm. For our mental state, this was important. Protein and meals consistent with beef meant we would be able to exercise. Having removed all our items that could have been causing painful symptoms, eating healthily meant we were able to exercise. Starting out with 10 press-ups a day to try and build core and muscle strength, we now find ourselves at 50 a day, sometimes up to 75.

The reason this has been able to have been achieved is certainly because of the meals. Adding a consistent amount of protein to our healthy recipes in the shape of this beef and red wine stew is just one example. Running consistently and lifting weights in the living room became part of the normality. Obviously, there were other variations of these sorts with meals, which we have included in our healthy recipes page, but beef, chicken and pork have certainly been an integral part of the Healthy Food Reviews revolution!

Whilst this protein-based blog about eating correctly and exercising indoors includes a lot of meat, we have reviewed some vegan-friendly recipes. At Healthy Food Reviews, we’re open to all advice and all new foods.

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