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Exercise and Muscle Recovery

Healthy Food Reviews eat regularly after exercising and this is the biggest step to muscle recovery. Exercise can be easy but recovery can be hard, so you need to consider these strategies. If you are a keen runner or love doing weights in the gym, then the most important way to recover can be what foods you are eating. Developing the right strategies and choosing the right foods is important in this regard. Here’s what healthy foods and strategies we have followed in order to ensure we stay healthy.

1) Exercising and Eating Well

If you are constantly exercising then it is worth noting that exercise alone will not help you to lose weight or define your muscles. Weight loss as a goal is about the combination of eating healthily and exercising. This sort of goal means cutting calories and running. However, other people have different sorts of goals. Some people actually want to gain weight as it means they are building muscle. For this to happen though, you still need to eat the right foods. It is not as simple as just doing press-ups and the biceps will come. You still need to be eating well in order to build muscle definition but also aid body and muscle recovery. This is vitally important as the older you get, the more likely you need to look after your body.

2) Adding Protein To Your Diet

As we discussed earlier, certain types of exercise require the body to recover in different ways. For example, a trip to the gym will require you to build your body back up full of protein and energy. After a run, you may need to consider carbohydrates to give your body the energy that needs replacing. But for now, we can talk about the foods that contain protein. Muscle recovery is important in terms of aches and pains. Here are some great foods to consider adding to your diet after you’ve been to the gym.


Depending on your age and generation, you may often associate spinach with the cartoon character Popeye. Why is this important to mention? Well, Popeye was notorious for consuming cans (yes, cans) of spinach and then exploding into muscles and becoming extremely strong. Spinach is a great food to help build your strength. It is a great and easy food to add to your diet as well. Try this great source of protein and see what happens next.


These are another food which is great to add to your diet. Bananas are not the most popular fruit but they are very good for you. Often known for their great source of potassium and healthy acids, they also are great for muscle recovery. If you watch tennis matches then you’ll often see tennis players consuming bananas during the breaks. This is partly because tennis is a very stop-start game and so the bananas help to stop muscles from seizing up. If your muscles do start to ache then you are not as likely to do as much exercise.

3) Other foods to aid muscle recovery

Foods containing carbohydrates are another source of food that will help you recover. Foods like sweet potatoes, oats and wholegrain pasta are all items that you can consume after exercise. Try to eat right after exercise. That way, you are still burning calories and these sorts of carbs will not cause you to gain too much weight. Some people think that not eating and exercise will help with weight loss, but this is not the case. In fact, body and muscle recovery help contribute to a healthier lifestyle more than anything. You certainly will not want to be overdoing it.

More than just muscle recovery

Learn more about Healthy Food Reviews from our blog page. We have been discussing healthy foods which we have added to our diet. Furthermore, we have also constantly talked about exercising strategies and techniques which aid with weight loss and a generally healthy lifestyle. Whether it is exercising indoors or outdoors, we hope to have got you covered.

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