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How to ensure you are getting essential vitamins in your diet

Getting essential vitamins and minerals into your diet isn’t as easy as many people think. Lots of people will go around saying that all you need to do live healthily is add the right vitamins to your diet. Well, is it that easy? Only if you know what you are looking for. Everybody knows you should have a healthy and balanced diet. The question is: Where do you find the vitamins? What foods are they in? Does it contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals? Some people just don’t know. Hopefully, this article can help you ensure you are getting the right essential vitamins in your diet. Particularly as getting enough Vitamin C has never been more important. Read on to see how Healthy Food Reviews can help you.

What are the benefits of having Vitamin A in your healthy diet?

All vitamins are essential. That, we know. But are some vitamins more vital to healthy living than others? You can decide for yourself as it depends on your own body. Similar to your body knowing what the best exercise for you is, it also knows what nutrients you need. You can find this out with a food intolerance test.

Here is why Vitamin A is important for your body. The first one is that it strengthens your immune system. Over the past year, we have heard so much about immune systems and how viruses can wreak havoc in your body if you have a weak immune system. So, in order to strengthen it, you need to ensure you are taking on enough Vitamin A. It also helps you to see at night. If you have poor vision anyway, then you need to increase your take of Vitamin A. Remember that story your parents used to tell you when you were younger? “You need to eat your carrots otherwise you won’t be able to see in the dark!”. Well, it turns out that there was an element of truth to that!

Importantly for some people, essential vitamins like Vitamin A will also help to keep your skin healthy and clean. So, whilst all vitamins are essential, vitamin A is certainly vital for people with troublesome skin or poor eyesight.

What foods contain the essential Vitamin A?

To maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you need to ensure you include all the essential vitamins and nutrients in your diet. This includes Vitamin A. That means your diet will need to consist of dairy, including cheese! If you are on a weight loss journey, however, then you do need to keep the cheese to a minimum. You can, however, include milk, plenty of dairy yoghurts and oily fish. Eggs are also a good source of vitamin A. See, it is not that restricting! You can still maintain a good food diet and a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying a varied diet.

Another essential vitamin is Vitamin C

Another vitamin which is considered to be essential your healthy lifestyle is Vitamin C. This is perhaps the most commonly known vitamin. It will usually naturally be incorporated int your lifestyle. But, if you do have a deficiency then it could lead to scurvy. Scurvy was mainly associated with sailors on ships because they could not get access to the required vitamin.

It is important in your diet because it helps to protect cells. Acting as an antioxidant agent, this helps to protect your body cells. It will also strengthen your bones. Vitamin C falls in line with calcium with many of its benefits. Especially as it is well known to help your skin grow back quicker. If you have been injured and have a wound, then a body full of vitamin C should help it to heal quicker.

Where can you find essential vitamins like Vitamin C?

Like we said earlier, vitamin C is often included naturally in someone’s diet. In your kitchen, you are likely to find citrus fruits like oranges, green and red peppers and also strawberries. Fortunately, even if you are not a fruit and vegetable eater, you can find this essential vitamin in potato. If you don’t eat potatoes or fruit and veg, then you really need to evaluate your diet. Everybody loves (healthy) chips!

Vitamin D Benefits – How it can benefit your health

Vitamin D often comes from a lack of sunlight. People often suffer from a lack of vitamin D in the winter. This is even more prevalent now whilst the country is in a national lockdown. Some people work hard to ensure that they are able to get their vitamin intake through tablets, but the best way to get this essential vitamin is through direct sunlight. This is easier said than done though, as we all know. Here are the benefits you can get from having a healthy intake of the sunlight vitamin in your healthy diet:

You can build and maintain ultimate muscle strength from consuming high levels of vitamin D. There has been a study which has shown a correlation between high vitamin D levels and increased strength. Along with helping to support the functions of the brain and the lungs, Vitamin D can also help your self-esteem. This is because if you are getting a lot of it, it means you have been able to get out in the sunlight!

Essential Vitamins – Vitamind D Diet

Ultimately, to ensure you are getting the right levels of Vitamin D in your diet, you need to include plenty of fatty fish. Keep it balanced though and don’t eat too much of the same. As well as Vitamin A, cheese and eggs also contain Vitamin D. So, we are on to a winner there… Interestingly, mushrooms and fortified rooms are also well-known contributors to Vitamin D.

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