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Food Intolerance | Eating Gluten-Free

So yeah… we had some news in the past couple of months and decided we need to go gluten-free to help us get healthier. Something was making us feel a bit uneasy but we couldn’t tell which ingredient it was. It seemed like one of us had a food intolerance to eggs, this is what we had narrowed it down to. But it turns out it was actually an intolerance to wheat. Something had to change.

A healthy diet was always on the menu, but this now had to be fast-tracked. Finding out about the food intolerance to wheat, we tried some gluten-free bread from a range of supermarkets. We won’t be going back now! Cutting bread out of our diet was an option, but this wouldn’t have been easy. Now, gluten-free bread is now the way forwards.

Multigrain Bread – Dealing with a food intolerance

We tried some multigrain bread from Tesco first. purely because it was the first stop on the journey… Made from potato and corn starch, this gluten-free option is a top-notch addition to our diet. Around the same price as what you could perceive to be ‘normal’ bread, this is definitely our morning starter going forwards. We do add a slither of butter just for some texture and flavour, but the food intolerance results could actually be a blessing in disguise as we’ve added this multigrain bread to our diet.

Gluten-Free Pizza.

Pizza. Everybody wants it. But not everybody can have it. Whether it is for a birthday treat, Friday night dinner, or simply something to fill you up in carbs, everyone loves pizza. Gluten-free pizza is worth it from M&S. This is why we are offering a £20 M&S voucher if you follow us on Instagram and you may win one! You’ll probably end up spending it on a gluten-free pizza!

As long as it is gluten-free, you do not have to worry about the flavours either, and there are so many! In moderation, salt is okay, and this is exactly what fits in with this lovely pizza range from M&S. Remember when reading these Healthy Food Reviews blogs, these are our opinions and we are not paid to advertise any of these foods. But, when we find something we love, or hate, we will write about it.

Seeded Loaf of Bread

Trying to cut out cards? You don’t have to dismiss bread from your diet. We tried wholemeal bread, and a seeded loaf of bread to compare the two. Both options we tried were gluten-free, meaning they are pretty much suitable for everybody. Of course, it is down to taste preferences and your taste buds. We are leaning towards the gluten-free seeded loaf of bread.

Seeded loaves of bread from M&S were tasty and did not give any backlash on our gut and intestines. The gluten food intolerance is no longer and we haven’t had to cut this bread out of our diet. Soft, and falling apart in your mouth, we loved it with soup! We also loved it with toast…

All of these options receive a solid 8/10 on the Healthy Food Reviews diet review scheme.

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