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Clean Eating and Exercising Indoors – Lockdown Edition

The second lockdown is the United Kingdom is officially over. Gyms are opening up again and in some places, restaurants are beginning to allow people to eat substantial meals. The restaurant factor might not be a plus though, especially if we are trying to maintain our clean eating routine. You need to exercise indoors as well to ensure you keep your mind mentally and physically well. You know that well known saying: ‘your healthy life starts in your house’? – well now in this second lockdown edition, this has never been more true. Below, we’ve put together some clean eating tips, reviews and also some advice on how to stay healthy.

Clean Eating and Exercising Indoors

The second blanket lockdown across the UK has in some ways been harder than the first. The cold outside means exercise now has to be done indoors and eating at restaurants is not as easy. The pandemic has also played with some people’s mental health slightly. It has made clean eating harder and exercising regularly is no longer as easy unless we do exercising indoors. Healthy Food Reviews tried to get creative and stay active and healthy. Exercising indoors and clean eating got so much better when we really put our mind to it.

With all the healthy recipes we put together, clean eating became something of a routine. Exercising indoors was slightly harder but we got used to it. Getting healthy at home became easier and doable.

Healthy Recipes at Healthy Food Reviews

One of the major hallmarks of battling against the COVID pandemic was that you needed to be fit and healthy. Eating healthily and exercising regularly is often known as the key to getting healthy. A healthy mind leads to a healthy life. To get your exercise routine and feel better, you need to stick to a routine and keep on schedule. This starts in the morning. That is why an apple and raspberry smoothie is our favourite healthy recipe for breakfast. It really does help you to start your morning right.

Alongside a banana, the team does opt for an apple and raspberry smoothie, like routine. At Healthy Food Reviews, we constantly wrote about two of the most popular British fruits at the beginning of the summer and we are still waxing lyrical about it! Raspberries haven’t always been a favourite of our taste buds, but this smoothie has really shot up in our estimations. Raspberries have never tasted so good!

Egg Salad Recipes – Clean Eating

Whilst we raved about having apple and raspberry smoothies in the morning, the main focus of Healthy Food Reviews was having an egg salad for dinner. Although we were careful not to eat too much egg, this was one of our favourite additions to the weekly diet. It was a pre weigh day favourite, meaning there tended to be healthy and happy results on the scales. Locating new recipes was key to enjoying or summer, and this was one of the best meals we tried. To help maintain clean eating, this was the most important thing.

Exercising Indoors

When exercising indoors, it doesn’t always have to be done in one! It is important to learn that putting your body through too much stress can lead to injury. From personal experience, one of our friends has damaged their tibia through over-running. A quick look at their Strava showed that they were exercising up to twice a day rather than relaxing their body.

The plus about indoor exercise is that you can spread it over the day. If you are working from home you can stretch all day and can actually exercise every hour. This is the most popular thing about exercising indoors. Whilst separating your three meals apart and clean eating for each meal, you also can split up your exercise. The majority of the population do actually opt to exercise at the top of every hour. Whether it is press-ups on the dot, planking for a minute for every hour or even 20 crunches, this can all be done at home. If you do these exercises, it will also revitalise your energy and mindset.

Why is exercise and healthy eating so important?

Exercising is important because of the way it mentally refreshes the mind. You need to eat healthily to feel healthy. It all stems from what happens in the kitchen. You will not want to be exercising indoors if you are eating like rubbish and are feeling a bit down. Eating the wrong foods can cause anxiety and stress, particularly those who are self-conscious. Losing weight is not easy, but if you exercise indoors and eat clean to feel mentally better, then the weight loss is an added bonus. Go for it!

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