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Weight Loss

Is weight loss your main goal?

Weight loss is all about setting yourself targets. You need to set small, realistic targets. Losing weight is not easy for everybody. For someone losing 3lbs, another person may lose six. It depends on you. It depends on your willpower. There are ways you can restrict yourself and there also foods and diets you can follow which enable weight loss.

A healthy diet or a tablet?

At Healthy Food Reviews, we will pretty much try anything. But we do believe that a healthy diet and eating clean is the best way to achieve your weight loss goals. You don’t want to cheat. If you do, you end up cheating yourself. Healthy diets mean that you can lose weight and if you do stop exercising or change jobs etc, then you can continue to lose weight.

It is surprising what is healthy

One thing Healthy Food Reviews did discover over lockdown is what you can actually include in a healthy diet. Meals like cheeseburger pasta, skinny food co reviews and syrups, and also fruit smoothies are all beneficial.

Spaghetti Carbonara was another surprising meal full of healthy ingredients which we didn’t think we were previously allowed. The pasta and sausages were in line with Slimming World diets, and we were nowhere near our syn intake on any of our meals.

Be the Boss of your Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight and achieve the goals is easier when you put your mind to it. If you want body confidence then eating healthily is the best way to get it. You won’t always be in the mood to exercise, and with gyms likely never going to be the same again, Healthy Food Reviews set about finding the best ways to still lose weight.

The majority of our blogs and recipes have healthy diets and weight loss as the main idea, but there are other aspects to this page. Check them all out on


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