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Protein – Part of a balanced diet

Protein is a major aspect of a balanced diet. Healthy Food Reviews have tried to categorise all recipes and reviews to allow you to organise a balanced diet for yourself. Healthy diets nowadays need to be full of carbohydrates, protein, and other macronutrients.

Balancing your diet

Over lockdown, we tried our best to see what the best ways were to achieve our weight loss goals. Healthy Food Reviews also wanted to improve our mental state of mind. As big eaters of meat, getting the right nutrients into our diet shouldn’t have been a problem.

Whilst we sourced alternative types of pasta for those who are gluten-free, we also had to think of something for people who were not a fan of meat. If you eat meat, then getting nutrients like protein into your body should not be an issue.

Sourcing alternatives

Heading to the shops hasn’t been easy over the past three months. Finding the right alternatives to get proteins into your body is not as easy as picking something else up from the shop. But luckily, with Tesco, this has been made easier. Healthy Food Reviews did all their shopping at Tesco online and it helped us from balanced diets.

In this category, we have tried to group all the meals and reviews which contain protein. Similar to carbohydrates, you can have too much or too little, but we have tried to include recipes which have just the right amount.

Read our reviews and recipes below and see how you can get enough protein into your diet. Nutrients are just as important as calories. So, when starting your balanced diet, make sure you read the ingredients and labels carefully!


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