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Juice Cleanse

Healthy Food Reviews are not all about healthy foods, we are about healthy diets. During the lockdown, we wanted to give our body a cleanse. Flushing all the toxins out of our body, we tried a juice cleanse from JuiceMaster. This wasn’t the only juice cleanse that Healthy Food Reviews tried though.

Diet for Weight Loss

Looking for the perfect diet for your weight loss? This is purely our opinion but we cannot guarantee that you will experience weight loss if you do a juice cleanse. Losing weight is harder for some than it is for others, and sometimes a cleanse is exactly what the doctor ordered.

If like us, you started lockdown (the reason for this whole blog) by eating take away after take away, you likely needed to flush all the toxins out of your body. This is how started and 3-day juice cleanses were the perfect place to start. A total of 3lbs lost over 3 days was exactly the motivation we needed.

Juice Cleanse for your body

If weight loss is your goal then this could be an option. We would never endeavour to encourage a cleansing through juicing if losing weight is your only goal. This is because some juice cleanses do not have all the benefits of a balanced diet.

There are some juice programmes which have closed down but our favourite so far is JuiceMaster. It really worked for us! It helped us start out with our healthy diet and food reviews, as we ended up losing a combined four stone.

Follow this juicing category to see the other experiences we have as we tried multiple juice cleanses.



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